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The Wedding Bash(ers) Roundup 6: Sugarcane Sweethearts vs. Nature Lovers

24 October 2017
Here's our roundup of the weddings in Episode 6 of The Wedding Bash(ers).

There was plenty of romance in the air in the latest weddings. Between the sugarcane sweethearts (Amy and George) and the nature lovers (Belinda and Tanya), the bashers and viewers were seriously getting the feels.  Check out our roundup below and remember that you can also rate the weddings here.


Cindy could not stop gushing over Amy’s gorgeous dress, and we were gushing right along with her. The rest of the bridal party looked equally gorgeous, and so did the bashers! Cindy may not have been as keen on Tanya and Belinda’s wedding apparel, but they were comfortable and had plenty of wiggle room for the party afterwards without having to worry about tripping on the hem of a skirt.

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The roast beef and gravy at Amy and George’s made us salivate. We were drooling even more when we found out Belinda and Tanya were having a spit braai – and like Siba said, it fit their theme perfectly.

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We’re echoing the bashers a lot this week, but we agreed with a lot they had to say. At Amy and George’s, Zavion pointed out the Perspex name boards, which we thought was a nice touch too. Belinda and Tanya again incorporated their theme so well when it came to the décor, bringing the rustic charm of the nature reserve into their table settings.

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From a fairy tale ball to a wild forest frolic, both these parties charmed and entertained. Denise’s dalliance with grandpa at Belinda and Tanya’s was particularly uproarious.

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Which wedding was the best? You can rate both here and stand a chance to win big!

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