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The Wedding Bash(ers) Roundup 11: Game of Thrones vs. Nautical Nuptials

28 November 2017
Here's our roundup of the weddings in Episode 11 of The Wedding Bash(ers).

The end of the season is nigh. The bashers had fun, ate well, and looked good. But there are still two more weddings to rate before the big finale. Check out our roundup of the last two weddings below – Game of Thrones (Gaylene and Matthew) vs. nautical nuptials (Sinead and Timothy) - and rate them here.


The guests really came to the party and dressed to theme at Gaylene and Matthew’s wedding, and the couple looked beautiful and dramatic – as you should when Game of Thrones is your theme. Sinead and Timothy looked very elegant, as did their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Together they did an excellent job of hitting the stylish mark they had set.

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Gaylene and Matthew had a groom’s cake, and we’ve totally fallen in love with the trend this season – yay for cheese! Guests were also spoiled for choice when it came to the cocktails, and there were two sizzling spits! We kept on drooling when it came to Sinead and Timothy’s wedding and we saw those delicious, bubbling potjies. All the guests received bottles of chilli as a gift, and hot stuff always wins us over.

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We’re big Game of Thrones’ fans, so it was a lot of fun seeing this theme come to life at Gaylene and Matthew’s wedding. Sinead and Timothy, meanwhile, had a beautiful seaside backdrop that did the work for them and put everyone into holiday mode. The proteas were also gorgeous and their presence was pulled through all the way to the cake.

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There was tequila, there was a photo booth. Needless to say, the Game of Thrones' wedding kept the bashers busy. Siba seemed to have a very good time getting down with the dancing at Sinead and Timothy’s, and even tough party critic Denise loved it.

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Which wedding was the best? You can rate both here and stand a chance to win big!

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