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The Wedding Bash(ers) Roundup 10: All-White Wedding vs. Red and Gold Romance

21 November 2017
Here's our roundup of the weddings in Episode 10 of The Wedding Bash(ers).

It was a tough week on The Wedding Bash(ers) as both weddings received quite the bashing, but we still think both had silver linings. Check out our roundup of the two latest weddings below – all-white wedding (Liz-Mari Strydom and Ruan Meiring) vs. red and gold romance (Kitania Moonsamy and Kevin Govender) - and rate them here.


We loved Liz-Mari and Ruan’s all-white theme. The guests didn’t really come to the party, but the wedding party did and from the mother of the bride to the little flower girl, everyone looked stunning. Equally dazzling were Kitania and Kevin in rich reds and gold. Their luxurious saris and attention to detail took our breath away.

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The food at Liz-Mari and Ruan’s may have looked quite slapdash, but the proof of the pudding is in the taste, right? And at least they had chocolate and party-sized alcohol! The Indian food did not meet Siba’s expectations; but there was biryani and plenty of spicy food, which always makes our mouths water. Plus, we got to giggle at Denise and Zavion who couldn’t handle the heat as well as Cindy.

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Both weddings pulled the colour scheme throughout the ceremony and reception, and both schemes – all white for the first wedding and a rich mixture of red and gold for the second – worked beautifully.

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Denise scored the entertainment at Liz-Mari and Ruan’s a big fat 0, but at least everyone cut fine figures on the dance floor. At Kitania and Kevin’s the emcee may have been awkward, but it certainly made for a unique experience, especially for the bashers.

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Which wedding was the best? You can rate both here and stand a chance to win big!

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