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The lucky last couples!

24 November 2017
Here’s are the final #WeddingBashers wedding parties.
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Gaylene Gordon and Matthew Westerberg

Pop culture has played an interesting role in Gaylene and Matthew’s relationship. The couple met on Mxit, their first date was at McDonalds, and they are having a Game of Thrones-branded wedding, complete with deep red touches in the invites, the clothing and the flowers.

The idea of incorporating the popular television show in their red came after a bottle of vodka and a Facebook joke that quickly became a reality. When the couple discovered however that their special day would not be screened on Wedding Bashers because their original venue didn’t allow cameras on site, they found a new venue at which to host their guests. Meanwhile the bride is planning to arrive at her wedding in a red Ferrari…

Theme weddings can be very expensive to execute well but will this bride and groom be able to deliver a GoT event that fits both their vision and the guests expectations?

Sinead Voller and Timothy Hoffman

Extrovert food technologist Sinead and introvert environmental health officer Timothy are tying the knot. Their rustic/classic themed wedding will be held overlooking the marina at the Halyards Hotel in Port Alfred. It will feature a black and white colour scheme with hints of metallic (rose-gold, copper and bronze).

The bride’s grandmother will be her flower girl whilst her baker cousin, fresh from a stint on The Next Great Bake-Off, will be making a carved marble and rose-gold, geometric, three-tier German chocolate cake that promises to be a showstopper.

Sinead is a self-confessed DIY diva who has made most of the décor herself, while her family is helping with most of the days details (hair, makeup, and cake) - at a discounted rate!

The fun-loving couple, who are both studying towards a Degree in theology, plan on having a three-course buffet on their big day, which is being planned by Sinead’s event planner aunt.

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