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Pretty, Posh Potch – Wedding Bashers Roundup 14

15 January 2019
Here's another look at Jonathan and Kelly's wedding

There was lots to love about Kelly and Jonathan's stylish Potchefstroom wedding. Have a look at our Basher Ratings Roundup below.


With a limited budget to work with, Kelly and Jonathan left all décor duty to their family and friends. Luckily, the gang rose to the occasion in a special, way. Beautiful blooms livened up dark tables and a gorgeous first table set-up, complete with halo circles, left Decor Basher Zavion thoroughly impressed. The misplaced disco lights, champagne plonked directly on tables and visible oases underneath the flower arrangements, disappointed enough to earn our lovely couple a disappointing decor score.

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The guests went above and beyond, the groomsmen looked cool in their navy -  and the little flower girl in the tutu almost stole the show. Unfortunately, the bride - according to Bernelee, did not use her stunning frame to her full advantage. “I’ll give the fashion a ‘Nice, like warm tea’ rating.”

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All the tears shed during the speeches made Zola so hungry, she needed something in her mouth asap. Venue catering let our couple down unfortunately, because when the starter came (on a trolley, no less) it “tasted like baby food”. Luckily the pastries, whipped together lovingly by the family, stole the show, but couldn’t save our couple from a ‘Nice like warm tea’ rating.

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“The entertainment at this wedding was like a Sunday afternoon at a frail care centre” – Miss Denise Zimba (Party Basher).

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Have a look at this pretty video recap of Jonathan and Kelly's big day!

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