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Naughty or Nice? - Wedding Bashers

18 December 2018
Which Basher is naughty and which Basher is nice?

Every week our dashing Bashers attend wonderful and diverse weddings across South Africa and give it a good bash. They never fail to impress us with their great advice and expertise while delivering many laughs. With the festive season in full gear, we decided to do some bashing of our own and see which Basher made it onto Santa’s Naughty or Nice list.


She's gorgeous, she’s loud and she loves them chicken wings! Denise certainly brings the party to any wedding and always has her way at the end of the night. We've seen her bribe barmen for a drink, get down and dirty on the dancefloor and she even tackled Bernelee for a skaftin. Let’s not forget her spicy commentary that just flows off her lips and her unique bicycle riding skills. We certainly love Miss Denise Zimba, but sorry girl, you definitely made it onto Santa’s naughty list! Knowing Denise she will be celebrating this honour by downing some tequila shots with Santa himself!

" A sip of wine will make everything fine. Wine powers will sort out the flowers."


This beauty and former Miss SA never fails to bright light to any wedding. Her fashion critique is always on point and her outfits dazzle us week after week. She often plays mother hen to the other Bashers and often saves them from compromising situations. She certainly has her moments of dishing a little spice and playful jokes, but at the end of the day this gorgeous lady makes everyone feel very special. Pat yourself on the back Bernelee, you've made it on Santa's nice list. We just hope you approve his red Christmas suit. 

"If you want to give me your number, best write it on a blank cheque."


Our only male Basher and flower guru certainly adds his magic touch to every wedding. He know what he wants and never shies from speaking his mind. He can turn into quite the villain if he spots some organza, plastic flowers or a table cloth that doesn’t touch the floor. Let's not forget his unfiltered remarks that we absolutely have come to adore him for. He also knows how to throw shade towards his fellow Bashers (we're looking at you Denise). Well Zavion, today we're not playing nice and we're putting you on Santa's naughty list. PS. What do you think of Christmas trees at weddings instead of flowers?

"The only theme a wedding should have is wedding."


Our culinary goddess Zola always knows what's yummy for the tummy and makes every wedding wonderful. She may not be a fan of buffets or balloons, but brings good cheer to the big day. She always has great advice to share with her fellow Bashers and helps them brush up on their culinary terminology. Zola deserves a round of applause for her great food etiquette. Well done honey, you've made it onto Santa's nice list. You can celebrate with some milk and cookies, we think Santa will approve too.


"The only street where they use the word “sous” is in Binnelanders."

Do you think you made it onto Santa's naughty or nice list?  For all things naughty and nice tune into #WeddingBashers on Sundays at 18:00 on #MNet101.

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