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Mixed feelings on Twitter about our latest weddings

16 October 2017
With their strange colour themes, the #WeddingBashers nuptials had social media as conflicted as our Bash(ers)!

Adriaan and Charmaine’s Deadpool-themed dress-up was up first.

Zurita Moore was concerned…

While Bash(er) Zavion was confused about something else…

And that extended to the dress…

While Zavion was alarmed – sort of – by the bride’s drinking habits!

Meanwhile, Nash had nailed Cindy’s outfit.

And MisLea29 summoned The Fresh Prince to sum up her uncertainty…

Mega Watt thought Cindy’s comments were on point…

But hey, at least Zavion was having fun!

Next up were the dreadlocked Senatlas, with their safari-themed do. And another terrible colour scheme!

Sharon Zulu was concerned Zavion might upstage the party…

At least the bride nailed it!

Zavion had opinions about the décor – obviously!

Kimberley Marais concurred…

Siba was causing The Eazy-Ed confusion…

Zavion was causing Sharon Zulu joy!

And finally, Amy Harding had a reminder:

We can’t wait, gurl!

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