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#WeddingBashers: Mad About Kgabo and Nomsa’s Big Day

07 May 2018
Twitter kept talking and talking and talking!

Last night, our Bashers introduced us all to stunning young couple, Nomsa and Kgabo. It was hard not to fall in love at first sight with the pair and their adorable daughter - and after they had regaled us with the tale of their love story, we were theirs, forever and a day.

Nomsa and Kgabo met in 2015 and both knew they were soul mates almost instantly. After a whirlwind romance, the two settled in and started to plan their dream wedding. Unfortunately, life had other plans. Nomsa lost her job, Kgabo was retrenched, then to add to all of this, their daughter was diagnosed with a kidney condition that needed specialist attention. With little to no money left in their respective bank accounts, a dream wedding seemed out of reach…until our Bashers stepped in. The rest? Reality Television history!

Kgabo and Nomsa: In their own words

Before wedding preps kicked off, Nomsa’s Twitterazzo cousin, gave everyone a little taste of what was to come


Others? They just knew. Immediately


We all screamed “#RelationshipGoals!” when we saw Kgabo and Nomsa handle themselves with grace, around a jar of baby food.


Then wedding prep and Basher Briefing time came...


Bob Marley’s brief (#WeddingBashers inside joke) was obvs a highlight


And so was Zola’s hair


Wedding day came and we all couldn’t handle how perfect everything was

Lerato? OBSESSED with the veil!


The wedding guests got a stern talking-to


The kiss stole the show


So did Denise...


What can we say? Our Bashers did it again!


Best in the business. Thank you, Mands


See you all next week!

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