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23 October 2017
Your gif game was strong on Twitter last night – here are some of the best.
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Sanga was quick to clock that Denise was less-than-impressed with the bring-you-own-booze clause in the second wedding!

Zavion was on form – as usual – and digging the diversity of the show.

And after saying, “Joan Rivers se gat” in relation to Cindy Nell’s fashion police tendencies, he deployed this amazing meme featuring Jonah Hill!

MisLea29 regularly tweets #WeddingBashers, and she had strong feelings about the first bride’s wedding dress.

John Brereton, another regular, concurred with Zavion about the show’s diversity.

Meanwhile, MisLea29 had noticed that Cindy was being particularly sassy about the fashion!

Finally, one from us to sum up the celebrations. With Denise, of course!

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