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Zavion Helps You Style Your Soirée

09 May 2018
Decor tips to help you pull off a memorable wedding bash
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What better way to drop jaws at your wedding than via stunning wedding décor? From mood lighting, flowers, stylized menus and eye-catching tableware, there are plenty of options to be considered when dreaming up the perfect wedding décor options for your big day.

Whether you are a minimalist with an equally threadbare budget, or a glitter girl with a taste for flowers and crystal, your wedding décor remains an important part of your celebration -  and should be treated as such. Need a little push in the right direction? Our in-house decor maven, Zavion, has got you covered. Have a look at his ‘8 Tips For To-Die-For Wedding Décor’.

Know what you want

Going into your wedding blind? Don’t you do it! Before you meet with your wedding planner, make sure you have, amongst many other planning essentials, a colour palette in mind. Once you have that down, move on to deciding whether you will go big or go the minimalistic route. All of this will inform the direction you and your planner will take when putting together your ‘Uniquely You’ wedding and/or reception.

Tablecloths or nah?

Not a fan of tablecloths? Don’t put them on your tables! Instead, use clever techniques that will push your table settings to the next level. If you have an emotional connection with tablecloths that no one understands, throw a runner with character into the mix, so that your décor pops. But since we’re pushing the envelope, why not ditch the tablecloth all together and *drumroll* run with the runner.

All about the chairs

Subtlety is key where chairs are concerned. No one really needs to see them when they walk into your wedding or reception space. Also, your chairs must never take away from the ambience of your event.

Don't alienate anyone 

Ever been to a wedding where all you did was make wine your friend because all you did was hear and not see what was going on? Us too! Make sure your reception layout does not block off your guests’ view. That means keeping centerpieces low/short and steering clear of pillars.

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