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The Wedding Bashers


Kenyan Drummers + Live Animals on Wedding Bashers

30 November 2018
It's about to get wild!
Bernelee Daniell, Zavion Kotze, Denise Zimba and Zola Nene (1)

Rhythm, dance and magic fill the air this week on M-Net’s light-hearted series The Wedding Bashers. This Sunday (2 December), viewers can look forward to the unique and special nuptial celebration of former professional cyclist Yolanda, now an events and team building company owner and her beau Bertus, who works in the lubricant sales industry. For their Big Day, Yolanda is pulling out all the stops and running with the wedding planning, leaving Bertus to ensure that the night of is magical!

This week’s couple is all about being non-conformists and taking their wedding to the next level, or in the words of the groom, he wants to be wowed! That meant that Yolanda had free reign to plan the wedding of her dreams, and turn a blind eye to the suggested budget of R35-R40 000 that fiancé Bertus had allocated.

So what will their special day bode? A non-traditional ceremony that includes live animals and recorded vows. A reception party with a team building drumming session, an old dancehall style, “the helicopter” being reintroduced and a revealing dance from the bride!

The Basher squad are surely in for an interesting celebration, and with Yolanda being an events planner, the pressure is on! But which Basher will face their biggest fear when confronted with the ring bearer? And who will Denise teach to shake their booty this time?

Birds of prey

It all gets laid bare this week on The Wedding Bashers! Tune in to catch all the action.

Viewers also stand a chance of winning a five-night getaway to Constance Ephelia Seychelles by simply visiting the M-Net website at mnet.tv/weddingbashers to rate the weddings before 10pm on Tuesday nights.

In the end, the couple that receives the best viewer rating from the Bashers top five walks off with the title of Wedding of the Season and will unwrap some amazing wedding gifts. The winning couple will take home a R250 000 cash prize from M-Net, R100 000 worth of Jewellery from Jack Friedman Jewellers, and a five-night second honeymoon from Seychelles Tourism, courtesy of Constance Ephelia Seychelles and Air Seychelles, valued at R 80 000!