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Hot Local Lineup on M-Net this Sunday

02 November 2017
More wild weddings and another My Kitchen Rules SA elimination! 
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This Sunday night, 5 November, M-Net’s local line-up will showcase some more weird, wonderful and wild weddings on The Wedding Bashers, while one more team of South African home cooks will bid the competition farewell in the next elimination challenge of My Kitchen Rules SA!  

On The Wedding Bashers this week at 17:00, lovebirds Yolanda and Pierre literally bring out the big guns at their nuptials on Pierre’s family farm in Heidelberg. This unique couple let off some rounds from their arsenal of automatic weapons during their not-so-traditional photo shoot after the ceremony – but what will celebrity guests Zavion Kotze, Siba Mtongana, Denise Zimba and Cindy Nell make of these unusual proceedings? Then, Amy and Andrew – who met each other on Tinder – turn their big day into an Alice In Wonderland-inspired fairy tale affair. Will an abundance of white rabbits and other whimsical elements set the classy tone they aspire to, or will it resemble more of a kiddies party?

As always, the Bashers will not hold back with their candid opinions before they rate each event via a secret ballot box. Viewers can also rate their favourite weddings throughout the season and stand the chance to win awesome prizes by visiting www.mnet.tv/weddingbashers

At 18:00, it’s time for another nail-biting episode of My Kitchen Rules SA, in which one more team will be eliminated. This week, the judges raise the bar once more with the second People’s Choice challenge of the season: a Street Food challenge. After drawing different world cities out of a hat, each team will have to prepare street food that honours the world city that they’ve picked – and feed 150 guests made up of local foodies and students from some of Johannesburg’s top chef schools! With only 90 minutes to prepare and start cooking for the hungry patrons, the pressure is bound to build quickly. “There are some really good cooks standing alongside us… I’m not going to lie, we have to up our game,” a nervous Andrew admitted ahead of the challenge.

Who will withstand the heat, and who will be sent out of the kitchen for good?

Viewers can also visit www.mnet.tv/mkr to watch exclusive interviews with the judges and contestants, and follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter @MNet / #MKRSA or on the official M-Net Facebook page.