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Envy-worthy wedding style with Bernelee

17 May 2018
Let our Style-Basher-In-Chief steer you in the right direction
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Our newest addition to the Wedding Bashers family, Bernelee Daniell, is everything we wish we were -  smart, gorgeous and tall with a sparkling personality to match. Bernelee, who is a former Miss South Africa, is without a doubt the true definition of the word ‘Glamazon’. It's no wonder then that when we needed some prodding in the right direction where style is concerned, we obviously called on she who is always the picture of grace, elegance and effortless style. Here are our queen’s wedding style tips.

Good underwear matters

We know they are comfortable, but blushing bride… please chuck the faded, big-as-a-tent bloomers out the door on your wedding day. Good underwear doesn’t mean pulling out the number that will cut off your circulation and make you dizzy. Rather invest in a gorgeous piece that is comfortable, discreet, adjustable and fits just right. Strapless gown? Wear a strapless bra - and so on and so forth. In order to tackle any potential problems head-on, why not wear the correct undies to your dress fitting, as Bernelee suggests.

Embrace the theme

If you have been invited to a wedding with a specific theme, don’t be the guy that shows up looking like they didn’t even bother. Show some courtesy by embracing the theme and having a good time with the other guests, who should all hopefully be dressed accordingly.

Fashion is temporary, but style lasts a lifetime

This statement speaks for itself really. Say “No” to lurid and showy - and say “Yes” to elegant style

Get your #GlamSquad in formation

Want to look photo-ready all day? Always make sure there’s someone in the bridal party who has a little touch-up kit for you. It doesn’t have to be a big bag, because who will lug that around? Just a tiny case with the basics; Powder, lipstick and maybe a little lip gloss will be all you need.

Find more of Bernelee’s tips below.

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