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Brides, Birds and Booty Drums – Wedding Bashers

03 December 2018
All the things you loved about last night's episode

We loved everything about last night's Wedding Bashers! Missed it? Here are some key moments, as seen on the Twitter streets.

Everyone fell in love with our cute couple, Bertus and Yolanda, as soon as they made an appearance on our tv screens. 


But all that attention soon turned to Denise and the enthusiastic ring-bearer Harris Hawk



Denise’s Ornithophobia (the fear of birds) had mama bear - and our resident fashion Basher Bernelee, promising to protect her from the the "killer” bird at all costs



… And had our beloved food basher recounting the horrors of the day



As a result of all the drama, an innocent bystander developed sudden ornithophobia 



Luckily, our girl (Denise) recovered just in time to engage in a booty drumming sesh with our dearest Zola at the reception. (No word on Mbuthuma, our viewer above’s recovery)




Then it was time to take in our lawfully wedded couple’s eagerly anticipated 'Helicopter Dance’ , which Zavion so eloquently referred to as "the Elephant Mating Dance. (Cheeky, we know)



Zola hopped onto Twitter to clarify a few things…



Then shoes on grass happened; and Denise tumbled, taking Bernelee with.



So many crazy, memorable moments, so little time! Remember to Rate Bertus and Yolanda’s wedding and you could win a trip to the Seychelles. Do it here before Tuesday at 22:00.

The Wedding Bashers was conceptualised by Gavin Wratten and is produced by [sic] Entertainment. The show is broadcast on M-Net channel 101 every Sunday night at 18:00. Watch interviews with the bashers and bridal couples from The Wedding Bashers here. Follow the conversation on social media using #WeddingBashers.