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A Twitter Family Affair – Wedding Bashers

14 January 2019
All the things Twitter said about Jonathan and Kelly’s big day

Last night’s episode of Wedding Bashers gave us many things. It gave us a sweet couple, a red umbrella and a hilarious trolley walk. Here’s a look at all of your reactions.


Our Bashers kicked things off by waltzing in, looking like they were fresh off the runway (per usual).


The same can’t be said for Denise’s plus-one.


Knight in shining armour, Matome stepped in when brave Bernelee banished said umbrella to a place outside the wedding venue (honestly, no one knows where – and she still won’t say).


And the revelation that our couple does not watch Wedding Bashers caused mass panic.


Luckily, the gorgeous venue made everyone forget.


So did the EPIC father-daughter dance.


Like father, like daughter!


…Then the appearance of the food trolley at the reception cancelled all of that out.


The dessert stole the show.


Then our Bashers, still reeling from the trolley situation, did the trolley walk - and we laughed and laughed!


Our favourite thing about last night’s wedding? The fact that it reminded us that no matter what, when it’s all said and done, family is EVERYTHING!


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