Bubbles Mnomiya

The appropriately-named “Bubbles” Mnomiya fell in love with music when she grew up in Richard’s Bay, where she used to be the choir leader in High School. The 23-year-old entertainer whose personality coach Kahn described as “effervescent" now works as a freelance columnist and part-time musician. Her mother pressured her to enter The Voice South Africa and Mom was right, of course, because Bubbles’s energetic performance of the Cee-Lo Green classic “Forget You” easily earned her a place on #TeamLira after she also received turns from Bobby and Kahn - three of the four coaches. “ Everything about you is unique,” Kahn gushed after her performance. The compliments didn’t stop there. Lira concluded that Bubbles sang “the hell out of that song while being so animated and entertaining. That is so rare.”

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