The Voice South Africa

The Voice SA S3 FAQs

29 August 2018
Want to enter season 3 of The Voice South Africa but you have a few questions. Here's a good place to start.
The Voice SA S3 FAQ

What is The Voice SA?

The Voice SA is a big-budget reality television singing competition that has taken the world by storm. It’s well known for its iconic swivelling red chairs and esteemed coaches who mentor the talent. There have been two popular seasons of The Voice South Africa on M-Net 101 and a third season is now in the making. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

What is the difference between The Voice South Africa and other reality singing competitions like Idols and The X Factor?

The Voice is the only singing competition where a panel of four professional recording artists act as coaches to the singers. The contestants receive guidance and mentorship from these coaches throughout the competition.

When will it be on television? On which channels?

The Voice SA will be screened exclusively on M-Net Channel 101 on DStv Premium. It will be on the M-Net 101 schedule in early 2019.

Who should enter The Voice SA?

Any person who is above the age of 18 on 01 September and is a South African citizen. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

How do I enter The Voice SA?

All you have to do is log onto mnet.tv/thevoice, and go through the short online audition process. The online audition will require applicants to fill in an application form, answer a few personal questions and submit a video audition that showcase

Will there be auditions around the country?

No, this season you can only enter online.

How do the online entry process work?  

You have to complete the short entry form, where you have to answer some personal questions.  Thereafter, you need to submit a video of no longer than 90 seconds to showcase your vocal talent.

If your on-line application is successful, you may be required to avail yourself for an on-line interview or required to complete additional information on-line. Should you be invited to attend an audition, please ensure you are available to attend the audition on the dates, times and at the specified venue as per the terms and conditions.

When do entries close work? 

The entries close on Sunday 30 September at 23:59.

What are the video/song upload guidelines?


Select a song that showcases your voice, don’t feel that you need to impress with your song choice – we are only here to listen to your voice.


Video’s should be no longer than 90 seconds (definitely include a verse and a chorus of the song).

    • Please state your name and the song that you will sing at the beginning of your audition
    • Please do NOT give us any other information as this is already in your application form
    • Perform the song with OR without accompaniment, backtrack etc – remember we are here to listen to your voice
    • Please do NOT upload the following
      • Live videos from venues in front of audiences
      • Music Videos
      • Acapella harmonized videos
      • Produced singles or tracks

Who will decide whether I go through to the next round?

An anonymous panel of professional vocal coaches will determine who will be selected as a contestant. There will be a few phases.

What will the selection committee be looking for?

The vocal coaches are simply looking for amazing voices. Submit a song that suits your vocal style in your video submission.

Will the contestants in The Voice do pop music only, or is there room for different music genres?

The Voice SA will cover all music genres.

Can I audition with a musical instrument?

Yes, you may use a musical instrument of your choice in your video submission.

Do I need a green ID South African ID in order to audition for The Voice SA?

You have to be a legal South African Citizen or have a valid permit or permanent residence status in the country of South Africa. IDs, driver’s licenses and passports will be accepted.

Can I submit a video audition with someone else?

Yes, you may enter as a duo with one other person if you wish.

When and where will the show be screened?

The show will air exclusively on M-Net Channel 101 on DStv early 2019.

How will I know if my application is successful?

  • You will only be contacted by the producers for further details should your application be shortlisted. If you have not heard from the producers within 60 days, you can consider your application unsuccessful.
  • If shortlisted, you may be required to complete an additional application form document to be fully signed and returned by you to the producers granting your consent to be part of the next phases of The Voice South Africa Season 3 audition.

If I am successful, when do I need to be available?

Successful candidates will need to be available to shoot on the dates set by the producers, from October 2018 to July 2019, and will include travel, briefing and prep days.

Will my application be kept private?

By submitting your application, you are granting M-Net permission to use your information to promote you and/or The Voice South Africa Season 3 on any other platform of its choice. You agree that your application may be edited, modified, added to or deleted, juxtaposed with any other material and that any other changes to the application may be made at the sole discretion of   M-Net. You agree further that M-Net may use your name, image, likeness, any photograph, voice, sobriquet and signature in connection with your application and/or The Voice South Africa Season 3

What if my video submission didn’t upload in time for the submission deadline?

Once entries are closed, no additional entries will be accepted.

What do I do if my video didn’t upload? Who do I contact?

If your video did not upload, please check that your video is less than 100MB, and you are on a secure internet connection. We recommend videos be shorter than 90 seconds in length. You may also send a YouTube link of your performance if you prefer. Save your form, and complete it with the YouTube link once you have shared your video there.

Do I have to sign a contract / legal document once I am successful?

If you are selected to participate in The Voice South Africa Season 3 production, you agree to enter into a formal agreement with the producers and/or any other relevant party, the terms and conditions of which will be necessary to protect the rights of the producers and/or such other entity involved in the production of The Voice South Africa Season 3.

May I enter if I am an employee or related to M-Net?

You may not enter The Voice SA if you are an employee/related to M-Net or any of the M.I.H. Group of companies.


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