Meet the Cast – The Stand

11 January 2021
The cast and characters of The Stand.
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Even though Stephen King’s The Stand was first published in 1978, the new miniseries adaptation couldn’t be timelier. Its post-apocalyptic plot centres on a pandemic. King’s vision of a literally plagued world is a lot darker than our world, and the miniseries looks set to deliver on all things dark and dramatic.

Driving the action is an ensemble cast of fascinating characters. Check out who’s who in The Stand and make sure you catch this new miniseries on M-Net, starting Monday 18 January at 22:30.

James Marsden
Plays: Stu Redman
You Know Him From: X-Men, Enchanted, Hairspray, Westworld

1610357234 56 the stand stu redman

Odessa Young
Plays: Frannie Goldsmith
You Know Her From: Assassination Nation, The Professor

1610357337 29 the stand frannie goldsmith

Owen Teague
Plays: Harold Lauder
You Know Him From: It, Mrs. Fletcher

1610357353 29 the stand harold lauder

Alexander Skarsgård
Plays: Randall Flagg
You Know Him From: Zoolander, Melancholia, The Legend of Tarzan, True Blood, Big Little Lies

1610357361 56 the stand randall flagg

Whoopi Goldberg
Plays: Mother Abigail
You Know Her From: The Color Purple, Ghost, Sister Act, Boys on the Side, hosting the Oscars

1610357371 56 the stand mother abagail

Amber Heard
Plays: Nadine Cross
You Know Her From: Friday Night Lights, The Rum Diary, Justice League, Aquaman

1610357381 29 the stand nadine cross

Jovan Adepo
Plays: Larry Underwood
You Know Him From: Fences, Mother!, Overlord, The Leftovers, Watchmen

1610357419 29 the stand larry underwood

Henry Zaga
Plays: Nick Andros
You Know Him From: The New Mutants, Teen Wolf

1610357438 56 the stand nick andros

Nat Wolff
Plays: Lloyd Henreid 
You Know Him FromThe Fault in Our Stars, Room 104

1610357429 56 the stand lloyd henreid

Brad William Henke
Plays: Tom Cullen
You Know Him From: Fury, Justified, Orange is the New Black

1610357475 56 the stand tom cullen

Greg Kinnear
Plays: Glen Bateman
You Know Him From: As Good As It Gets, Mystery Men, Nurse Betty, Little Miss Sunshine

1610357391 56 the stand glen bateman

Heather Graham
Plays: Rita Blakemoor
You Know Her From: Boogie Nights, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Hangover

1610357458 56 the stand rita blakemoor

Katherine McNamara
Plays:  Julie Lawry
You Know Her From: Mazerunner, Shadowhunters, Arrow

1610357402 29 the stand julie lawry

Fiona Dourif
Plays: Rat Woman
You Know Her From: Tenet, True Blood, The Blacklist

1610357448 56 the stand rat woman

Ezra Miller
Plays: Trashcan Man
You Know Them From: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fantastic Beasts, Justice League

J. K. Simmons
Plays: General Starkey
You Know Him From: Oz, Law & Order, the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy, Juno, Whiplash, Justice League, Counterpart

Look and listen out for these cameos! You’ll hear Bryan Cranston’s voice as the President of the United States and Stephen King will make a cameo appearance.

Watch The Stand Mondays at 22:30 from 18 January on M-Net channel 101.