It’s Elementary My Dear

28 June 2018
Sherlock Holmes comes to M-Net City this July.
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As the sixth season approaches, we remind you why you should watch (or continue to watch) the popular detective show.

Elementary is based on the premise of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes living in New York City, portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller; while Holmes’ iconic sidekick, Watson, is portrayed by Lucy Liu.

An integral part of the show’s likeability is the curious relationship dynamic between Holmes and Watson. Portrayed in typical Sherlock Holmes fashion, Holmes has a highly intellectual and complex mind that Watson grows to understand more as the show progresses. Watson’s ability to grasp Holmes’ quick fire notions helps her grow as an investigator and have a larger say in the cases they solve throughout the series.

Although there have been many adaptions of the iconic Sherlock Holmes adventures, Elementary brings a lot of fresh new takes on the concept. Besides the fact that the show portrays Watson as a female detective, it also showcases how an ingenious investigator such as Sherlock Holmes would operate within a modern society and in one of the world’s largest cities. The show also focuses on the types of cases a brilliant investigator like Holmes could be involved in, from burglaries to high-profile murder cases.

Ultimately, Elementary has proven to be one of the best in an array of modern-day detective shows by providing viewers with two complex, funny and highly likeable characters and a myriad of cases strung around interesting main story developments.

And did you know that the famous catchphrase “It’s elementary my dear” never appeared in the books but only in the movies?

Dr Sherlock Holmes is solving peculiar mysteries on Elementary Season 6 from 18 July on M-Net City.

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