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Who’s who on a Single Wives SA road trip? 

09 October 2020
Which Single Wife is the co-driver, snack queen, or the perfect passenger?
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Although they bicker once in a while (which girl gang doesn't?), our Single Wives LOVE each other, almost as much as we love them. And as we all know, no self-respecting girl-boss posse is complete without a little road trip to help strengthen bonds and create new memories.

But who’s who when it’s time to hit the road on a Single Wives SA "Fake-cation", aka a road trip we completely made up? Here's what we think.


Angel’s for sure got the wet wipes handy in case of a spill, plus extra sanitizer and masks for everyone “just in case”. She will have bottled sparkling and vitamin water on deck and she’ll for sure be in charge of documenting the trip; we’re talking video reels, pics et al. Literally everyone will look like a supermodel in all the perfectly curated content she will load to an Instagram account (complete with hashtag) dedicated to the entire road trip!  


Genevieve will probably (actually, definitely) be the one in charge of the bookings and the itinerary. Oh, she will probably drive too because she is so organised. She’ll sing out loud and hand out tasty treats (where did they come from?) for the girls to snack on. (Seriously, where did they come from?) and the gang will be grateful for the sustenance.



Helen Is the one that will laugh and giggle the whole way. She’ll have a stack of CDs in her bag which she won’t be afraid to whip out when she wants you to hear “an oldie, but goodie.” Helen will probably be the first to ask “Are we there yet?” if the trip takes too long. A lady’s gotta have her evening tea and her “me-time”, thanks! She’ll probably co-drive too and help Genevieve get a handle on the itinerary because that's such a Helen thing to do.



Tori will be the one responsible for the gang getting nicely soused off tipsy tea on the way to and from the fabulous destination. She’ll have a pink, glittery sippy cup filled to the brim with grape *wink* juice permanently fixed to her lips. And of course Tori would never forget about the rest of the squad. "You get a sippy, cup, she gets a sip cup, everybody’s getting a sipppy cuuuuup!"



Nikki will be the one regaling the sisterhood with funny stories the whole way. She’s the gal who will not be afraid to play security guard and bouncer at the filling station lavatory door, in case a weird serial killer tries to sneak in to decapitate one of the girls while they are inside a stall. And of course, Mr serial killer will scamper off, because have you seen Nikki’s side-eye? Sjoe! 



Chantelle will know a shortcut to wherever you’re going. She’ll be in charge of the music, but will gladly oblige when Helen whips out her old school CDs. She’ll spot a sexy Harley at the filling station and its owner will hand it over without a fight, because she’s cute – and because she knows a looot about bikes, Chantelle will defs take it for a spin.

Who are you on a road trip with the girls? Are you an Angel, Chantelle, Helen, Genevieve, Tori, or a Nikki?

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