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What to pack for your baecation – Single Wives SA

04 November 2020
Don't be caught slipping! Here's what to pack for a romantic weekend away.
What to pack for your baecation – Single Wives SA

The accommodation has been booked, an itinerary has been set, but what are you packing for your baecation? If you are in this predicament, or suspect you might be soon, read on! 

A Comfy Set For The Road

Whether you’re driving or flying, you’re going to have to pick comfy clothes for the journey to and from your destination. A lovely sundress in a colour that complements your complexion is always a good idea for the road (in warm weather) and cute comfy athleisure or a tracksuit set and nice sneakers are always appreciated for a flight headed to loveland. Make sure your sneakers are not smelly though, because stinky feet definitely don’t scream “romance”. Unless, of course, that’s your thing? In that case; knock yourself out. Literally 👀😂


A Camera/Phone And A Working Charger

Every jaunt out of town deserves to be captured on film. It’s the rules. So don’t you dare leave your camera or your phone that takes great pictures, at home. Remember to pack a charger, as well as a portable one too so you can power up on-the-go. You’ll be glad you did.


Cute Pyjamas/Sleepwear

Baecation is not the time to whip out that tried, tested and true t-shirt you won at the filling station 3 years ago. Sure it has held you through many a lazy weekend of bingeing on M-Net Movies, but for a romantic weekend away with your other half, maybe let’s leave ol’ girl in the back of the drawer? Yes? You really don’t have to go full-on smouldering sexpot when it comes to baecation sleepwear. Go for what feels comfy to you. If he likes it, then that’s a bonus, isn’t it? 

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There’s nothing worse than a pounding headache grabbing you by the temples and threatening to ruin your holiday. How about that dreaded getaway food poisoning that comes completely out of left field? Prepare for any not-too-serious medical mishaps by packing some pain relievers and an antiemetic, just in case. If you’re on a doctors script, don’t leave your meds at home. Continue taking your medication until you’ve finished the course. Doctor’s orders.



Make sure you pack your favourie swimsuit/cozzie, even if you’re not headed to the coast. The hotel, guest house or air bnb you’re staying at could possibly have a pool, or better yet a jacuzzi that will come in handy on your weekend away - and you don’t want to miss out on extra holiday relaxation and fun times, now do you? 


A Date Night Outfit

Make sure you have at least one going out outfit locked and loaded, just incase you and your partner decide to head out to dinner or a vibey lounge, for a drink and a little shimmy. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared, so always have a plan!

Here’s what our Single Wives wouldn’t be caught dead without on a roadtrip.

Roadtrip essentials

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