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Take the Perfect Profile Picture – Single Wives SA

28 September 2020
Start snapping!
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In the latest episode of Single Wives SA, the ladies may have been a little hesitant about online dating, but they had fun taking new profile pics nonetheless. If online dating is something you’ve been contemplating – or you just feel your profile pic needs a boost – check out a few handy tips and tricks below.

The Eyes
It sounds like a cliché, but the eyes are the window to the soul. So don’t wear sunglasses. If there is bright light, make sure you’re not squinting into it.

The Lighting
Speaking of light: make sure you’re taking the photo in a well-lit area. Overcast days work well when you’re outside as the clouds distribute light evenly and don’t create harsh shadows. If it’s sunny, be careful that you don’t have shadows thrown on your face, obscuring your gorgeous smile.

The Frame
Have a nice frame. What we mean is, don’t stand miles away from the camera so that you’re just a dot on the horizon and don’t stand so close that there’s an awkward close-up of your left nostril.

The Setting
Keep it simple. Make sure your background is not too busy. And don’t blend into the background! You want potential suitors to focus on you, not your psychedelic wallpaper.

Keep it Current
Use a recent photo. And don’t use filters! You might feel like a unicorn, but you don’t look like one.

Quality Shot
Use a good camera and don't upload blurry photos.

The Wardrobe
Be yourself! If you don’t normally wear dresses, don’t wear a dress in your photo. If you never suit up for work (or any other occasion) don’t suit up for your profile pic.

Get Camera Happy
Take several photos so that you have options – or in case you blinked and missed it. Or in case you forgot to remove your sunglasses!

Get a Second Opinion
Taken 50 photos and unsure which one to use? Ask a friend which they think looks best.

And when it comes to your bio, remember the words of guest coach Dudu Nhlabathi-Madonsela: “Be brief. Be bright. Be gone.” Check out more advice from the dating coach below.

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