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Romantic style no-no’s – Single Wives SA

04 October 2020
Ready to let your image do all the talking? Here’s what NOT to do.
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You heard it straight from image consultant Candice Adams’ mouth on the latest episode of #SingleWivesSA; image is EVERYTHING – and what you wear tells your story. 

With this in mind, we had a little think about some of the outfits that tell the saddest story where romance – and the story of you, is concerned.

 Just to let you know, we were filled with horror every step of the way, because everything on this list is criminal. Hold tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Oh no, please put these away 😭  The “story of you” crocs are telling is: “Hi, I have given up on life. And I have nothing else left to lose except my dignity, which I coincidentally just lost literally two seconds ago, because I am wearing crocs in the street where people can see me.”  Ok, ok… we won’t even lie. Crocs are comfortable, so we kiiiind of understand? But not too much.


Tights might be the greatest invention known to man (after Wi-fi and all-you-can-eat buffets, of course). We’ve never met a more hard-working girl. However, venturing out in the faded tights that have supported and sustained you through the endless trauma of lockdown and its Teams meetings, banana-bread baking and Don’t Rush Challenges, is not where it’s at. Those tights give off “I am tired and may have skipped a bath” vibes, instead of “I am red-hot for romance” vibes. So, choose the vibes. Choose them wisely.


Uggs are cute, comfy and warm, especially in winter. Adore them! But sis, when the rubber starts to go, let them go.


We’ll never forgive Kimberly Kardashian and her husband for popularising this trend. Next time you pick cycle shorts out of your closet and you know you are not training for Iron Man, please remember Kourtney Kardashian’s (very wise) words ;“You look like you like, just finished Tour de France and are now, like, biking around town”, then put 👏🏼them 👏🏼 back 👏🏼down.


It is much more of a cooler experience to see camel toe in the white sandy oases of the vast Dubai desert floor, not on a boss girl who’s about her business. Strangling your nethers in too-tight pants, jumpsuits or tights is not a winning look, unless it’s for a bet. In that case, congratulations!

For more tips and tricks on personal style that tells an excellent story, watch the video below.