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How to get over someone, FAST! – Single Wives SA

21 October 2020
Here are some tips to help you through those dark days.
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You’ve loved each other for a while, but now your world has been rocked, things have changed, and you have both gone your separate ways. How are you ever going to get over this ­– and him? Enter; us! We’ve put together a list of things to do to help you bounce back quicker than you usually do.


Cry. A lot

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but crying is perfectly ok. It does not make you pathetic. Sure, you may look like a sniveling weakling while the act of it is happening, but you actually are not pathetic. And isn’t that what being human is about? Experiencing all the emotion of it? Crying is cathartic. Crying is strength, so cry. Cry in the shower, cry in the toilet cubicle at work, cry yourself to sleep, cry in the car on the freeway (but not too much, because you don’t want to endanger lives and get into a wreck) … Just cry! Feel the pain, be one with the pain, walk and wail through the pain – and pretty soon, there won’t be any tears left to cry and one day you will wake up and realise you haven’t cried in two weeks. Then life will be beautiful again. And it will hit you that he actually wasn’t that smart. He was just parroting opinions he read on Twitter.


Cut your hair

Our girl Coco Chanel once said “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her whole life” – and the good sis was right! Apart from being empowering, the infamous breakup chop symbolises letting go of the past and forging forward into brave new dating and personal style frontiers. Also, can you imagine how swell it is to get a glorious bob when your ex preferred your hair slicked back? Take that, man who thinks he can tell me what to do! Tread carefully here though. It’s all well and good to put scissors to head during an intense crying sesh, but we’d suggest leaving the coif stuff to the professionals a couple of weeks after the breakup. You know, when you’re a lot calmer.


Make a breakup playlist

There’s nothing better than a breakup playlist to help you process those messy post-relationship feelings better. Hearing someone put your pain to music and express it better than you ever could is exactly what you need to help pull you out of that deep, dark pit. Punching the air while sobbing is a whole lot easier and a lot more effective, when it’s set to a weepy backtrack. One from the '90s, preferably.


Post quotes on social media

Ah! If it isn’t our good friend ‘journaling in the times of the internet’! Hear us and hear us well. Go ahead and post your inspirational (and slightly passive-aggressive) “I’m loving the woman I am becoming” quotes, sis. If it will help you heal, do it. No matter what anyone in your social circle and friends list says behind your back, doing this is actually much better than having a full-blown meltdown in the middle of Facebook, a year later.


Stock up on the ice cream

A tub of ice cream tastes even better with a smidge of salt from sorrowful breakup tears, mixed lovingly (read: accidentally) into it. Get into your pjs, pull the blinds and watch romcoms while wolfing down giant spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough – and you will have won half the battle! There’s a level of post-breakup comfort ice cream gives that girlies like booze and greasy burgers could never, even if they put their best heels on and tried. Also, we’ve never heard of anyone drunk dialing their ex after going overboard with some birthday cake flavoured ice cream.

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