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Five fast facts about the Single Wives SA cast

02 September 2020
All you need to know about our formidable six-woman ensemble.

  • Social media abuzz as our six Single Wives get ready for their closeup
  • Justin Cohen and Mapaseka Mokwele step forward as expert coaches
  • First episode airs this Thursday at 19:00 on MNet

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Ready or not, here they come!

They’ve been through their share of ups and downs – and now, the stars of our brand-new reality show Single Wives SA, premiering this Thursday at 19:00 on MNet, are ready to put it all behind them and step into an exciting new future.

But who exactly are these brave, well-heeled women who are leaving nothing hidden on premium television, for all of South Africa to see? Let’s go behind the towering billboards, the glossy tv ads and the saucy bits you may have heard via the social media grapevine and give you the (official) piping hot tea! Here are five fast facts about The Single Wives; Angel, Chantelle, Genevieve, Helen, Nikki and Tori.



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Fast facts

  • 39-year-old Angel is an advocate and social media influencer (Booked and busy 🔥)
  • She’s allergic to grass (Gasp! We thought we were the only ones)
  • Angel has married the same man. Twice
  • She’s over the top and “extra”, by her own admissions (Extra is good; cheese as a topping, personality…Always good!)
  • Angel wants someone who is ambitious, romantic, kind, thoughtful and generous. Oh! He’s got to be tall and easy on the eye too

Want to watch Angel play a game of ‘Would You Rather?’. Promise you it’s good.





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Fast facts

  • Chantelle is a 33-year-old Corporate Account Executive
  • She’s also a transformation coach (We love a queen with substance)
  • She has three beautiful girls that she is raising in a blended family
  • She wants a tall, dark and handsome man who is spontaneous and dresses sharp (Stylish dudes for the win!)

Would Chantelle rather be dumped via text, or ghosted? 👻 👀  Find out below!




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Fast facts

  • 37-year-old Genevieve is CEO of a training and development company (Hello, boss lady!)
  • She has been single for three years
  • Genevieve is divorced from her first marriage
  • She’s taken time off work to focus on her Single Wives SA journey (Good on you, G)
  • Genevieve is hoping to meet a man of faith, who has lots of hair (I mean? Tell us who isn’t obsessed with a man with a mane)


BEHIND-THE-SCENES: All the action shots from The Single Wives SA publicity shoot



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Fast facts

  • Helen is a fabulous 50-year-old Joburg gal.
  • She’s been single for 14 years
  • Helen’s strong and independent and is a public transport operator (Love to see it!)
  • She’s hoping the show will help her rediscover herself as a woman and help her find her worth again
  • Helen’s looking for someone empathetic who will help her get her “happy on” by being her very own hero (Enrique knew!)

We played a little game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with Helen – and this is how it went!




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Fast facts

  • 42-year-old Nikki is based in Joburg
  • She’s been divorced for five years (married for 12)
  • She’s looking for a strong, athletic (rugby players welcome) and wealthy family man with a sense of humour (amongst many other things on her long list)
  • Nikki married her second serious boyfriend and hasn’t had much of a dating life
  • She hopes the show will help her become more self-aware and help her get back on the dating scene



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Fast facts

  • Tori is a 47-year-old fitness studio owner from Durban
  • Her marriage of eight and a half years ended after a series of infidelities
  • The couple considered reconciling, then her ex-husband was murdered before it could happen
  • Tori’s found it hard to find closure and move forward after the tragedy
  • She’s hoping to meet a guy who has beautiful eyes, a memorable smile, a great personality and a good heart



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Stay tuned afterwards for the first episode of new South African drama Inconceivable at 20:15.