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First Dates – Single Wives SA

16 September 2020
Conversation starters.
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Your eyes have locked over a socially-distanced crowd. You’ve exchanged numbers. Your phone did not explode when you texted him first. Now it’s time for the first date. What to wear? What to do? What to say? Let’s have a look at what the ladies did on their first dates.

A Numbers Game
Age came up for almost all the ladies on their dates. If age could be an issue for you, then a simple question to kick things off can simply be “how old are you?” or “what year were you born?” Tori was taken aback when she realised how much younger Bathwell is, but at least she got all the awkward out the way first, allowing her to enjoy the rest of her date.

Pick Up your Texting Convo
If you’ve already communicated over text – and assuming the conversation went beyond where, when, and what – pick up the conversation when you’re face to face.

Find Common Interests
Tori was drawn to Bathwell because of his tattoos, and his in-shape physique spoke to her love for all things fit and physical. Find the similarities. But don’t be frightened or put off by differences unless they’re massive disparities that are just complete dealbreakers. So he likes pineapple on pizza? There are some things you can move past.

What Makes You Smile
Q asked this of Helen when they went on their first date and we thought it was very sweet. It’s also got the potential to elicit different kinds of answers whether naughty, nice, informative, insightful, or illuminating.

Tell a Joke
Not a comedian? Only know jokes full of pun and cheese? You’ll be amazed at how they make people laugh nonetheless. Just look at Angel and Sankah!

This is a good way to start the date. It will put the other person at ease and start the date on a good note. And ladies, you can compliment your date too! This doesn’t need to be a one-way street. Chantelle and her date immediately established good rapport by mutually complimenting one another. A good way to end the date (assuming all went well) is to ask for another! Or accept if you’re asked. You could go home to ponder over the date, but you don’t want to over-analyse everything either. Follow in Helen’s footsteps and seize the day.

Now let’s hear what the experts have to say:

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