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About the show

Michael Schur’s hit afterlife comedy enters its fourth and final season, with returning fan-favorites Eleanor, Michael, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, and Janet. Having earned one last chance to get into the Good Place, the Soul Squad must prove their worthiness by helping four newcomers, specifically chosen by The Bad Place to drive them crazy, become better people. Will the gang find moral redemption or does eternal torment await? The journey promises to be as hilarious and unexpected as ever.

Whenever You're Ready

S4 | E13
27 November 22:00
'S4/E13 - Whenever You're Ready'. Various conversations occur, between various groups of people. A witty Golden Globe-no...


the good place season 4 Eleanor Shellstrop character image
Eleanor Shellstrop
the good place season 4 Chidi Anagonye character image
Chidi Anagonye
the good place seson 4 tahani al jamil character image
Tahani Al-Jamil
the good place season 4 Jason Mendoza character image
Jason Mendoza
the good place season 4 Michael character image
the good place season 4 Janet character image

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