Fierce women on TV

01 September 2021
These ladies rocked it!
Why Women Kill 1

Last month we celebrated Women's Day and we continue to celebrate some great women in our own lives. But let's check out some fierce women on TV over the years too!

The ladies Of Desperate Housewives

The wicked and wonderful women of Wisteria Lane were funny, brave, smart, and absolutely outspoken. We grew to love these characters who faced almost every single situation you could imagine, from death and divorce to murder and more!  No matter what you put these ladies through, they handled it and stood strong. We were always so desperately desperate for more from Desperate Housewives and have to admit they taught us some pretty great lessons.

The ladies Of Grey's Anatomy

The doctors with all the right medicine that soothed our souls. The ladies of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital not only had to deal with medical drama but with dilemmas of their own. There are almost too many to mention. Which moment's been the most memorable for you? 

Betty Suarez - Ugly Betty

Betty brought smiles to many for four seasons with her humour, caring nature, and admirable resilience. It was wonderful to watch the "ugly duckling" finally become a swan who found her happily ever after. 

Offred/June Osborne - The Handmaid's Tale

A hero of her era! This remarkable woman went through hell and back and is still going strong. Avid fans can catch all the shocking drama on The Handmaid's Tale now available on Showmax. 

Marlena Evans - Days of our Lives

Ok, so maybe we're not soap opera fanatics, but we just had to add Dr Marlena Evans to this list! She's the lady most of us grew up watching, thanks to our grandmothers and mothers' soapie obsession. The remarkable Deidre Hall gave us a loving and superbly strong mother, wife, and doctor in the land of Salem who even survived an exorcism. Hall still plays the character to this day. Talk about commitment!

Annalise Keating - How to Get Away with Murder

Tough as nails and a superb defense attorney, Keating put the F in fierce and was not one to mess with! Avid HTGAWM fans watched her do what she did best for six riveting seasons, which often left our jaws on the floor. Let's not forget the powerhouse Viola Davis who nailed the character to the tee.

Why Women Kill

Season one brought us three wonderful female leads, Beth Ann, Simone, and Taylor whom we instantly fell in love with! Now season 2 has a whole new cast and a whole lot of secrets. Get ready to indulge in the delicious drama from 21 September on M-Net City.