Age: 31                                       
From: Sea Point, Cape Town                                    
Star sign: Cancer

Bridget is a big-hearted soul with a big personality, big smile, and big dreams. Her superpower is lighting up any room. Like Marc, she’s originally from Durban, but after school she packed her bags – leaving her chickens, pigs, and hamsters behind – and moved to the UK to travel and experience the world. She has since become a travel enthusiast, who often hops onto a plane, and now works as a lifestyle manager for a concierge company in Cape Town. As you'd expect, going to the beach, hiking, walking on the promenade, and shopping with her friends are her favourite activities. But she also gyms like crazy and was the swim captain at school. Unfortunately, she had to quit competitive swimming due to an injury when she was training for nationals, but she’s still a qualified lifeguard. She is a straight-shooter and when she encounters a problem, she tackles it head-on to find a solution. Her parents have been married for 45 years, an example she wishes to replicate. She goes full blast at everything she does and would like a partner in life (or crime) who is into the great outdoors.

Quirky Facts

  • Bridget is allergic to peppadews but loves pickled ginger and eating lemons.
  • She tells pretty good dad jokes.
  • If she could be a fictional character it would be Agnes from Despicable Me. Or Bridget Jones – guess why?