Why Did Pasha Get A White Rose? – The Bachelor SA

18 February 2020
All will be revealed in episode two of M-Net’s hit reality show.
bachelor sa white rose

The very first rose ceremony on the new season of M-Net’s The Bachelor SA provided a mysterious twist. Among the bouquet of red roses to be handed out to the ladies vying for Marc Buckner’s heart was a conspicuous white rose. He then presented it to bombshell dancer Pasha dos Santos, without any explanation.

This week, viewers will find out what this rose is called and how it may shift the power in the mansion.

More reasons to watch this exciting episode:

  • It’s all about the firsts. The first individual date, the first group date, and who knows… maybe the first kiss!
  • While it’s still early days, the green-eyed monster is already wreaking havoc in the mansion.
  • Cliques are forming in the house, and one group has a plan to prevent the others from spending time with Marc. Who are the troublemakers? The ladies from the red room, purple room, or pink room? 
  • During the group date, a fun DIY activity, we see why Marc should never cover his arms.
  • Two ladies will not receive roses at the end of the rose ceremony. Who will it be?

The Bachelor SA Season 2 will be screened on M-Net every Thursday, from 13 February, at 19:00.
DStv Premium viewers can also watch all the romance on Catch Up or stream the episodes live via their mobile devices on DStv Now.

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