Why Did Last Week’s The Bachelor SA End with a “To-Be-Continued”?

20 May 2020
It’s also time for Marc’s parents to meet the ladies.
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Fans of The Bachelor SA were left stunned at the end of last week’s Rose Ceremony at the luxury five-star Kapama safari resort. One of Marc’s favourites from the get-go Jess R didn’t receive a rose, but instead of seeing her walk out and sharing her last thoughts with viewers, the end credits rolled with Marc and a shattered Jess in deep conversation. What was this cliffhanger all about? Does it perhaps mean that Marc will change his mind and give her another chance? All will be revealed in the penultimate episode of The Bachelor SA Season 2 tomorrow night (Thursday 21 May) at 19:00. 

This is also the episode in which Marc will find out what his parents’ take on the ladies is. Will Marcel and Jenny grill their potential future daughters-in-law? Will they agree about which lady Marc should choose? And, will they provide clarity for Marc or confuse him a little?

After this week’s final romantic dates, Marc and the ladies also have the option to use the Fantasy Suites to spend alone time together. There’s no doubt that the outcome of the show depends heavily on everything happening in this episode. So, be sure to be tuned in to M-Net 101 tomorrow night!

If you missed last week’s episode, here’s a recap:

Marc took his top three ladies on a series of adventure dates to help grow and solidify his relationships before making his final decision of who to take through to the final round. 

The Rose Ceremony
Going into the ceremony, Jess R was confident and didn’t see this huge disappointment heading her way, “If I think about how our date went, if I think about the conversation, there wasn’t anything there that would make me worry,” she said. Jess R’s eyes filled with tears as the realisation that she didn’t get a rose hit home. “This is not real. How could this be happening?” she said. “It was just all very strange, and I don’t know, I’m just so used to getting a rose." 

Jason announced that she had to say her goodbyes. She greeted the other ladies and walked over to a distraught Marc who said that it was one of the toughest decisions ever and that he felt manipulated by her. Jess didn’t understand and was in disbelief, revealing to Marc that there were no signs and demanded to know why he didn’t bring anything up in the past two months or on what she thought to be an amazing adventure date a few days ago. 

She ended with, “I told you I’m an honest person and clearly you don’t want honesty. I don’t know. I don’t know if you’re here for the right reasons. I don’t know. I’ve been regretting everything …”. And what happened next, we’ll see tomorrow!

The Adventure Dates
The first adventure date was with Jess R and she came prepared with a list of important questions for Marc. The couple enjoyed an early morning tea and finally a sunset lunch. Marc said that she has a very gentle way about her, which makes him feel calm and is exactly what he is looking for. She also chose to use her time to reveal some things that she heard during a conversation between Bridget and Marisia – which Marc didn’t appreciate. But, Marc didn’t let that get him down as he continued to enjoy the date. The couple chatted about their future, growing together as a couple and how they would complement each other.

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With the second date, Marc whisked Bridget off to St. Lucia for a full day of adventure at the beach. The pair went fishing, followed by snorkelling, and then finally a beautiful beach picnic. Before they began their fun activities, it was important for Marc to clear the air with Bridget and confront her about what he heard from Jess R. Bridget didn’t take the information lightly and didn’t appreciate the fact that in essence, Jess R tried to sabotage her date. When they headed to their picnic, Bridget and Marc spoke about their potential future together and Bridget showed her vulnerable side, which Marc appreciated, over and above their shared interests. Bridget admitted that she fell hard for Marc and that she wants to be the one he chooses. Marc said it was one of the most amazing dates he’s had and that they’ve consistently enjoyed each other’s company.

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Marisia went on the last adventure date, where she and Marc went horse-riding on the beach. Marc felt he needed to confront her about the info from Jess R as well, but Marisia assured him that she didn’t believe it. During their ride, Marc wanted to confirm how invested she was because he feels her holding back, sounding unsure, and he also addressed her lack of vulnerability. Then the date went wrong. Marisia fell off her horse! Thankfully, Marisia wasn’t hurt and the incident brought them closer, as it showed Marisia a different side to Marc and revealed to Marc how much he cared for her. During their lunch in the forest, Marisia put Marc’s mind at ease by telling him how much she likes him and that she just struggles to express it. But her age still concerned Marc. 

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