Who Will Take A Leap For Love On The Bachelor SA?

16 April 2020
Coming up on The Bachelor SA.
Who will take a leap for love

This week’s group date on the The Bachelor SA is not for the faint of heart. Easy-on-the-eye Marc Buckner will invite four of the ladies to take a giant leap for love with him. While one of the ladies is relieved about not making it onto Marc’s date list, another one is feeling quite anxious about being included. At this stage of the love game, any time with Marc is a bonus. But who is he falling for? 

With seven ladies left and family visits looming, deciding who should receive roses has become more difficult than ever for Marc. So, where are the ladies standing with him now?

Mulesa. There’s something about Mulesa that intrigues Marc. Remember how he called her the most beautiful woman he has ever seen? And her name seems to be popping up a lot recently. With Pasha gone, will she reignite the flame of love with Marc?

Qiniso. Marc made no secret that he was attracted to Qiniso right from the moment she became the first lady to enter the mansion. The chemistry was confirmed with the first flaming kiss of the season. When Marc had questions about Qiniso’s motivation for being on the show, he cleared up the confusion during the surprise two-on-one date with Jess C,  showing that he still wanted to explore the relationship. She started coming out of her shell last week and this week she’s ready to make an important move!

Bridget. She has transformed from being the “queen of drama” to the “queen of hearts”. The ladies – and Marc – have grown increasingly fond of Bridget. Marc invited her for a special one-on-one after the Lottostar "most-likely-to” game – where she was serenaded by Daniel Baron – and she has been completely honest and real with him. Is she the dark horse of the season?

Rikki. Beautiful brunette Rikki is one of the more mature ladies in the mansion and is ready for a serious relationship. One can’t help but notice from their interactions that there is a connection between Rikki and Marc, but why is he not inviting her on a one-on-one date? Is he perhaps waiting for the right moment?

Marisia. Shy and sweet Marisia has had two one-on-one dates with Marc and was the second lady to receive a Jack Friedman jewellery piece. And by using her Wild Rose she met Marc’s beloved rescue pooch Luna. The chemistry is clearly there, but is there a strong enough emotional connection? 

Gillian. Happy-go-lucky Gillian-with-a-G has been enjoying every moment in the mansion – and her time with Marc.  She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But her secret weapon is knowing exactly how to separate the drama from her relationship with Marc, making their every moment together special. 

Jess R.  The stats say she’s in the lead when it comes to winning Marc’s heart: She nabbed the first getaway date, the first piece of Jack Friedman jewellery, and has been receiving the most attention from Marc. He also seems to get giddy whenever he’s around her and is very concerned with how she feels, as viewers saw at the pool party last week. Should we just head to the final with Jess R like Pasha mentioned last week? 

More reasons to tune in:

  • What’s cooking, good looking? Marc impresses a lovely lass with his culinary skills on a special one-on-one date.
  • Digging deeper: Qiniso takes the time to get to know Marc on a deeper level…will he appreciate her efforts?
  • The smooch room: There’s one spot in the mansion where all the kissing seems to happen. Who will end up with Marc in this room this week?

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