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09 March 2020
Your swimsuit’s talking; and it’s giving away many, many vibes. 
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You have a hot date at the beach with a man (or a woman, or family, or friends) – and now, you have to decide what you’re wearing. What ARE you wearing, beloved?

Did you know that your choice of bathing suit can tell us a lot about your personality? (Maybe, for the sake of this article. Or maybe not). 

Pick a cozzie and we’ll tell you all about yourself.


Black bikini with underwire top

1583762967 25 cozzie8



Like your bikini bra, you love nothing more than to lift and support others. Responsible and loyal, you like to keep things simple. Your girlfriends know you are the one to talk to when they want the truth and nothing but. Many people who meet you think you’re reserved and shy, but that’s only because they don’t know you. You’re a “classic girl” that lives to uphold tradition, but there’s a delicious side to your personality that’s reserved for only your nearest and dearest. And guess what? They are obsessed with you, because of it. 


Mismatched frill top bikini

1583763065 25 cozzie7



Whoever coined the term “Variety is the spice of life,” was definitely talking about you. You are equal parts sassy and sweet – and firmly believe ‘straight talk breaks no friendship.’ You are always down for an adventure, but also have a practical and romantic side that may surprise many. When someone’s in a jam, you’re the one to call. But sometimes, you may not even answer the phone because you’re in jail with them. But we’re here to create memories, aren’t we?

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Grey and white bandeau halter neck

1583763166 25 cozzie5



You are loyal, hard-working and sensible; everyone can depend on you. Your favourite thing to do is to set goals AND achieve them, you girl boss, you! Although you’re the one that inspires your squad to achieve their full, collective potential, you’re also loads of fun (don’t let the people at the office know that). You are there for your people, no matter what. You possess a dry sense of humour that makes people cry real tears, while you maintain a straight face.



Tie-side bottoms, in hot pink

1583763372 25 cozzi3



You love pretty, girlie things; makeup, diamonds, romcoms; the works – but you’re also not afraid to get down and dirty. You’ll surf with the boys and even ride bikes, but you’ll also head home just in time for your nail appointment. What your circle loves about you? You’re appropriate for every occasion – never OTT. You’re a sweet girl that offers up a helping hand instantly and everyone thinks you’re a star for that.  

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Animal print full piece with a peek of side-boob

1583763428 25 cozzie6



There are many layers to you; and they are all lovely. You have a traditional core, but love veering to the left once in a while, to see what life’s like on the wild side. Everyone thinks your friends are a crazy, fun bunch, but they don’t know you’re the one quietly suggesting all the crazy things you all get into. You have a thirst for adventure and when people knock on your door at the weekend, they never find you home, because you’re probably out seeing the world and making new friends in some far-off locale.


Black wedgie/thong with loads of string

1583763474 25 cozzi1



You are fun and outgoing – and you’ve never met a rule you didn’t break. You’re straight forward and don’t beat about the bush. Unlike your thong, you do not enjoy being all up in people’s business; you just drink water and mind yours, which is why people gravitate towards you so much. Your epic adventures make for riveting dinner table talk and it’s hard for people to forget you. Sometimes when you’re alone in public, you laugh out loud because you just cannot believe how crazy your actual real life is. 

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