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11 February 2019
This Valentine's Day, find out what kind of lover you are❤
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Valentine’s Day is upon us and we’re ready to join our dashing Bachelor Lee on his quest to find true love. Since love is in the air and on the air with M-Net 101, let’s look at what type of lover you are. Simply take your birth month and let’s go…

January - The Adventurous Lover

You’re born in the first month of the year that signifies new beginnings. This is very fitting as you enjoy new adventures and pursue new love interests often, making you quite the Casanova. Nothing scares you, and you’ll climb a mountain or sail the treacherous seas in search of your true love. So gear up and let the adventure of love begin.

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Your ideal mate: Indiana Jones and James Bond.

February - The Love Guru

Love is like second nature to you since you’re born in the month on love! You speaketh the language of love and thou can be considered a modern-day Shakespeare. Moonlight dinners, love notes and secret rendezvous tickle your fancy and you have no trouble sweeping people off their feet. People turn to you for love advice and you're a walking and breathing love hotline.

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Your ideal mate: You’re the Love Guru, you can work your magic on anyone!

March - The Smart Lover

You're very smart and tread with caution when it concerns matters of the heart. You analyze love and never fall head-over-heels. Love at first sight is simply a myth in your books and soppy love stories are the death of you. Everyone knows you're driven by the head and not the heart. You have a built in love dectector that sets off once you find your perfect match.

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Your ideal mate: Dexter (yes, Dexter’s Lab and Dexter, the guy from the crime TV show)

April - The Love Fool

Love me, love me, say that you love me. Love is a fairytale in your eyes and you want the kingdom, the white horses, your Prince and the big happily ever after. You can fight off evil stepmothers and other royal subjects that stand in your way. Once you find true love, even Cinderella and her Prince Charming will be a little green eyed over your relationship. So own your crown and hold your head up high.

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Your ideal mate: Any prince from far, far away.

May - The Love Boss

When it comes to love it’s your way of the highway - the highway of love that is! You know what you want and WANT what you love. You’re a leader in any relationship and know the 101’s of the dating game. Nothing passes you and if love is the question, then sweetheart, you're the answer. You will always have your partner begging you for mercy and guess what? That's just the way you love it.

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Your ideal mate: Helpless souls who can’t say no.

June - The Funny Lover

Love ain’t no joke but you’re one funny honey when dealing with the L word. Your way through someone’s heart is through jibs, jabs and gags. The only bone you'll be picking in any relationship is the funny one. If laughter is the best medicine, then you’re just what the love doctor ordered in any relationship. So let's love, live and laugh away.

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Your ideal mate: The Grinch or Eeyhore 

July – The Possessive Lover

What’s yours is yours and all yours! You ensure that you mark your territory when embarking into a new relationship. If anyone even bats an eye at your significant other, you explode and turn into Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings (My Precious). You definitley keep your loved one in locks and chains in a castle somewhere.

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Your ideal mate: Pepé le Pew from The Looney Tunes

August – The Boaster

You were made to love and believe that love must be celebrated. Once you’re in love, you want to have your Titanic moment like Jack and Rose and shout it out to the world at the top of your lungs. Your love life deserves its own 24-hour reality show where you can show off the object of your affections all day long. There's no shame in this love game, right?

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Your ideal mate: A Kardashian family member

September – The Nurturer

You’re born in the month of Spring and hear little birdies chirping when you’re in love. You're considered lucky in love and attract all sorts of lovers from all walks of life. Your love is soothing like the ocean and everyone wants to bathe in it. Forget the heartbreak motel, 'cause broken hearts come to you for mending.

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Your ideal mate: Hippies and lost souls

October – The Keeper

When it comes to love, you’re playing for keeps and you’re more loyal than man’s best friend. You treat love like a ball game as your eyes are always on the prize. You always strike the best shot when looking for love and often score goals. People often give you a pat of your back because you're an accomplished lover that has trophies to show for it. 

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Your ideal mate: Someone worth the prize

November – The No Hold Bars Lover

You hold nothing back in a relationship and are ready for virtually anything. Your motto is to live and love dangerously. Your love life should come with a warning label and instructions so your partner knows what they're signing up for. The sky may be the limit but you’ve taken your love meter to Mars.

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Your ideal mate: Houdini and Risk Takers

December - The Nostalgic Lover

You’re born in a month that is widely considered the most wonderful time of the year. You’re an old soul that is a sucker for some old-fashioned love. The words, I love you always has you weak at the knees. Your love life plays out like a Marilyn Monroe movie and you’re the star. So grab that popcorn darling and let's get lost in a timeless place.

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Your ideal mate: Someone from a 60’s movie

Note: The above notes are simply for the purpose of fun.

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