What Luna Says About Marc – The Bachelor SA

20 February 2020
Contemplating canines.
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By now, you can’t have failed to notice that while Marc may be looking for love on The Bachelor SA, he does have a very special someone in his life in the form of Luna. This gorgeous gal is none other than his rescue dog, a “part wombat hyena” as Marc describes her or “part bat/dingo/kangaroo & definitely rabbit” as her Insta bio @lunaluludog tells us.

It’s certainly not something the ladies have failed to notice. Andeline, Pi, and Silke even gave Marc red carpet gifts that included Luna in some special way. While the gifts spoke to his love for Luna, we started wondering: what does his love for Luna say about Marc?

We used this burning question as an excuse to spend time scrolling through Luna’s Insta feed and this is what we surmised.

He’s a dog person
That goes without saying, right? No cat person would entertain the idea of posting pooch pics when they could be adding even more cat videos and memes to the Internet. But just in case you were left with any doubt (although why would you be?), he confirms that he’s a dog person in episode 2. Keep an eye out for this moment in the upcoming episode.

He’s caring
From sharing his bed to eating out to walking on the beach, Luna goes everywhere with Marc. He’s utterly devoted to his canine companion, marking (see what we did there) a caring, compassionate personality. As the author W. Bruce Cameron put it, "You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him."

He’s committed
Marc is vocal about “adopt don’t shop” and he’s put his money where his mouth is by adopting Luna from Sidewalk Specials.  

He lives in Cape Town
In case you missed it, Marc lives in Cape Town – which you can quickly tell when you scroll through Luna’s Instagram.

He’s outdoorsy
Marc loves spending time outdoors – whether it’s hiking, hitting the road, or making waves in the Atlantic. And Luna is always by his side!

He leaps at every opportunity
There’s no denying Marc’s a go-getter. After all, he’s going after love by putting his heart on his sleeve and on your television screens! Luna takes this leaping a little more literally and she loves showing off her skills on the ‘gram.

Continue on the journey for love with Marc in the next episode!

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