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21 February 2020
The power of the Wild Rose and other firsts on The Bachelor SA.
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Last night (Thursday 20 Feb) on the local reality dating series, The Bachelor SA, consummate host Jason Greer revealed the meaning behind the first twist of the season – The Wild Rose. The mysterious and desirable white rose that was handed to Pasha at the first Rose Ceremony possessed a power that made many of the ladies envious – the power to steal any group or individual date from a fellow lady, valid until the fourth Rose Ceremony.

Much to the ladies' surprise, bombshell dancer Pasha wasted no time putting her Wild Rose to good use – stealing the very first one-on-one date from 24-year-old sweetheart speech therapist Marisia. “I need to do what I need to do. And as soon as I heard it was a one-on-one, I knew I had to take it,” Pasha explained in a diary session.  Understandably, Marisia was disappointed, as her opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Marc was taken away from her in the blink of an eye. 

Marc, on the other hand, was surprised that Pasha used her Wild Rose so soon but pleased he got to spend the date with her. The pair spent the day doing things our adventurous Bachelor loves, in the great outdoors. The couple enjoyed a wild ride off-roading in a Toyota Hilux, followed by a tranquil hike through Hennops Hiking Trail, which ended with a picturesque sunset to set the tone for the rest of the date. The evening progressed with a dreamy romantic picnic set up in the bush, with lush blankets and cushions, candles and flowers as they watched throwbacks of their youth on a projector screen and shared funny memories.

The couple enjoyed the evening under the moonlight in each other’s arms, and at the end, Marc presented Pasha with a beautiful red rose, making her the first one-on-one rose recipient. Will this place another target on her back?

The drama at the mansion
Seems as if the sparks will fly in the second season of The Bachelor SA. Upon arrival at the beautiful Bachelor mansion, the ladies had been split into three different bedrooms – the pink room, the purple room, and the red room. The purple room has developed a reputation for being the ‘loud and proud’ room, which has become a tad intimidating for some of the roommates. Bridget and Greta have rubbed each other the wrong way – prompting Bridget to move into the pink room. Will this move cause more tension and a divide amongst the ladies?

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The group date
Marc invited Greta, Parushka, Mulesa, and Bridget to the first group date which combined two of his passions – his now-famous dog Luna and DYI projects. The stylish ladies each had to build a kennel, showcasing their own personality, to impress Marc’s furry friend. At the end of the activity, Marc chose to spend one-on-one time with Mulesa, where he admitted to her that she is honestly one of the most beautiful women he has ever met.

1582278401 33 the bachelor sa 2.2 group date

The cocktail party
The ladies who didn’t go on dates were burning to get to know Marc a little better. In fact, some of them were like vultures, making their moves with no consideration for the next, leaving the more timid ladies feeling stressed, as another Rose Ceremony loomed. The tension was palpable and mounting. Adding to the tension, was the rumour that the purple room ladies were spitefully aiming to hog all Marc's time.

1582278435 33 the bachelor sa 2.2 cocktail party

The Rose Ceremony
With only eighteen roses and twenty ladies, two ladies left the Bachelor mansion. Greta, Tegan, and Xia were left to the very end, with Greta feeling very insecure about receiving the very last rose. At the end of the ceremony, 31-year-old Tegan and 23-year-old Xia found themselves without roses in their hands – bringing their journey to an end. “I don’t enjoy rejection, obviously I wasn’t good enough, and that hurts a little bit,” Tegan admitted in her diary session while Xia said, “not getting a rose, super disappointing. But, if I’m not what he is looking for, I cannot force that connection”.

1582278634 33 the bachelor sa 2.2 rose ceremony

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