The Most Explosive Beefs So Far – The Bachelor SA

03 March 2020
These are the biggest and baddest feuds of The Bachelor SA Season 2
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"Hello, police? We’re going to need a boxing ring!"

The Bachelor SA is only three weeks in, but already, we’ve seen more fireworks in the mansion than Mariah Carey’s voice box has seen whistle notes. Here’s a rundown of all the dramatic moments that have set the house on fire so far this season.


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The first beef of the season comes courtesy of Bridget and Qiniso (although to be fair, Bridget seems to be the only one beefing.) Bridget immediately had her daggers drawn the moment she met Qiniso. As the very first Cocktail Party of the season swung into gear, Bridget found Pasha, plus a comfy corner, where she assessed “loud Q” with no interruption. Her conclusion? “Q has hectic I’m going to squash you energy.” Qiniso on the other hand, has been none-the-wiser, because Bridget says all of these things behind her back and not to her face. Things came to a head this week however, when Qiniso scored a one-on-one date with Marc. Bridget, who has managed to successfully align herself with a circle that is united in their dislike for Qiniso (Silke, Jess C and Jess R) made sure to make things uncomfortable enough for the rest of the house to notice that ‘something in the water ain’t clean.’ “It wasn’t nice that Qiniso danced around when she got back from the date because it upset a few people,” Bridget said in her confessional, before offering up that she is not jealous that Qiniso had snagged an uShaka Marine date with Marc.



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Bridget makes a second appearance on our beef list for her and platinum-haired Greta’s drawn out, two-episode beef. These two, who look like they would be firm friends if they got their act together, started out as roommates in the infamous Purple Room. That relationship quickly fizzled out like a flat soda, however, when Greta proved to be “too loud and childish” for Bridget’s tastes. After moving her body and her belongings out of the Purple Room, Bridget immediately found an ally and keen listening ear in Silke, who also seemed equally flabbergasted by Greta’s “high school” fixation with the Purple Room. Greta and Bridget’s beef threw the entire house into turmoil, until Mulesa and Gillian brokered a peace deal that  saw the girls squash the beef and hug it out in the last episode. But just when we thought the Purple Room beef with Greta was dead and buried, it developed new legs and quickly morphed into a tense Nolo vs Bridget thing. 



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Bridget has been one busy gal, because she makes our beef list again! This blonde bombshell seems to be ruffling so many feathers in the house, one can’t help but wonder if it’s all part of one big strategy. After calling a truce with Greta, Bridget vs Nolo kicked off in spectacular fashion, prompting an impassioned “I don’t want her in my space. I don’t like liars. Do I want her to go home? Yes! Will I be sad if she gets a rose? Yes!” tirade from the latter. The cause of the friction? Nolo’s snarky reaction to Bridget, during the height of the Purple Room wars. Although Nolo has apologised twice, Bridget still feels victimised and thinks it’s all fake.



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Bridget rolls squad-deep, so Nolo being at odds with Silke’s best pal was bound to start some trouble. Though short, this confrontation sent ripple waves across the house and left the ladies wide-eyed, mainly because of how sudden and how public the falling out was. Silke earned Nolo’s ire when she chimed in while Nolo was trying to figure out why Bridget was not accepting her Purple Room war apology. The result? A tense back and forth that left a serious chill in the mansion’s living room air.



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If paying close attention to things that don’t concern you is your forte, then you, like us, will know exactly when this beef started. Remember in Week Two when Jess R interrupted Marc and Xia’s “moment” at the Cocktail Party, prompting Qiniso to leap to the latter’s defence? Exactly! Fast forward to last week and it is apparent that Jess R did not take kindly to Qiniso’s actions and may still be harbouring some resentment. This week, Jess R let us know exactly how she feels about Q in a gossip session with her squad.



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To be fair, we won't call this one a beef, because Pasha knows nothing of it. But we're adding it to this list because Jess R had some things to say about Pasha at last week's Cocktail Party. While locked in a sizing-up-the-competition sesh with Bridget, Jess R had some choice words for Pasha, her nails, OTT jewellery and her choice of career.



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This one caught us completely off guard because we haven’t seen or heard much from Jess C since The Bachelor SA started. This week, however, proved to be Jess’ big coming out party – and boy was it spectacular. J.C made her feelings about Qiniso known when the latter came back from her one-on-one date with Marc. Q’s excitement over getting a rose, as well as the first kiss of the season, irritated Jess C so much that she resorted to using some very colourful lingo that was meant for Silke and Bridget’s ears. Yikes!

Mansion Melodrama

We love and LIVE for the drama! Who else can’t wait to see how all of these big blowouts end?

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