Surprises On The Bachelor SA

03 April 2020
Another Wild Rose, a two-on-one date, and more surprises shook up The Bachelor SA!
the bachelor sa 2.8 presser

This week’s episode of The Bachelor SA featured trying twists, surprises, and unusual proceedings. Two ladies were blindsided with a two-on-one date, a second Wild Rose came into play, and the Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony were combined into a surprise dinner party, where roses were handed out throughout the evening. During the episode, Jess C. was sent home after a two-on-one date, and the episode ended with a cliffhanger, which set Bachelor fans in a frenzy about whether gorgeous Rikki is still in line to win Marc’s heart. 

Let’s break it down:

It all started with a Group Date, where Marc invited Jess C, Marisia, Rikki, Gillian, Pasha, Jess R, and Mulesa on a chemistry group date, but left Bridget and Qiniso behind. Why? Well, Qiniso had a lovely one-on-one on the cards. On the group date, each of the ladies had the opportunity to feel up a blindfolded Marc, to establish their level of connection and chemistry, under the professional eye of Leah Sefor, a Life, Relationship, and Communications Coach who was studying their interactions. At the end of the date, Marc offered Jess R a rose, explaining that she had put a lot of effort into her interaction. But, the surprise came when he picked up a second rose – a Wild Rose – and handed it to Marisia! 

The ladies were not impressed that Jess R received a rose, and felt offended that she was the only one considered to have “put in an effort”. Marc then invited Jess C for much-needed breakaway time – she was the only lady who hadn’t received one-on-one time with him yet.

The group date then moved into a surprise two-on-one date…
Jess C was super-amped to finally get her time alone with Marc – but – surprise, surprise, in strolls Qiniso, who was under the impression that she was arriving for her one-on-one date. Both girls were shook... and soon realised that they had been blindsided with a two-on-one date. Who would stay – and who would go? An emotional Qiniso needed time to collect herself and contain her emotions. They then both went for a one-on-one horse ride with Marc, where they answered the questions that he needed to be answered. At the end of the date, he stood in front of both ladies and asked if they had any last words. Jess C said she needed more time, while an emotional Qiniso explained how this is not a game for her and that she can see Marc as her lover and her best friend. Marc gave Qiniso the rose, explaining that the date gave him the clarity he was looking for. 

He and Qiniso then proceeded to a romantic setting at the stables to spend some alone time. 

A visibly emotionally drained Qiniso later returned to the mansion, where she broke the news to the ladies: “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. Jessica’s gone, guys. We had a two-on-one. And Jessica had to go,” she said in tears. The ladies were distraught, especially Jess C’s in-house bestie, Bridget.

Then, an awkward dinner party 
The episode ended with a dinner party at the mansion that replaced the usual cocktail party proceedings, and the Rose Ceremony. The vibe was very awkward and tense. The ladies were intimidated by Jess R and the thought of Marc believing she’d put in the most effort on the Group Date. As soon as Marc arrived, Gillian jumped at the opportunity to confront him, which made him very uncomfortable. Marc then started pulling aside each of the ladies individually, to have a chat and hand out not only roses but kisses too. He locked lips with almost all the girls! The highlight: Bridget got her first kiss! Then, the drama ensued – Jason arrived to announce that anyone without a rose needed to say their goodbyes. Rikki was the only one without a rose. What now? We will find out next week! 

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