Shocking Turn of Events on The Bachelor SA

22 March 2019
America and Kelly sent home after an intense two-on-one date, and Natasha leaves empty handed.

The Bachelor SA mansion has been abuzz with rumours of a stolen journal, tattle tales, nasty mind games, and dirty tricks. Lee decided a direct confrontation with two central figures in the drama was the best way to find the truth and clear the air. He invited America and Kelly on the season's very first two-on-one date and, for once, romance wasn't high on the agenda. The date card read “Two ladies, one rose. One stays, one goes”. Turns out Lee was not impressed with either of them and both received a very cold and sudden send-off.  

Lee had many unanswered questions, and America and Kelly found themselves on a yacht in the romantic setting of the Vaal in a conversation that rapidly became more pointed and uncomfortable. Kelly threw America under the bus, spilling the beans on her "wrong intentions". This made for a seriously awkward and intense excursion and a deeply disappointed Bachelor. Nothing could save America – she had been fully exposed and seeds of doubt had been sown – which made Kelly feel a little more secure. But Lee was totally unimpressed with the way she ratted on a fellow contestant to promote her own agenda. She had to go.

Back at the mansion, upon receiving the news from host Jason Greer, some of the other ladies were reduced to tears, with Michelle D taking it the hardest. Lee explained the reasons for his drastic action and provided some closure at the cocktail party.

Earlier in the week, Edith, Nontombi, Jenna, Jozaan, Natasha, Jacqueline, and Michelle.D all joined Lee on a cowboy-themed group date, where the ladies had great fun... starting with the cleaning of horse stables! It was too much for some of the high-maintenance girls of the mansion. The final activity was a rough ride on a mechanical bull! At the end of the date, Lee revealed that he was mightily impressed by Jacqueline’s endurance throughout the day. Jax was beaming when she heard she had finally earned the one-on-one date she so desperately yearned for! The couple enjoyed a night under the stars and shared a very passionate, intimate moment.

At the rose ceremony, it was the end of the road for quirky scientist Natasha. Although Lee found her beautiful and smart, the connection just wasn’t there. This reduced the number of ladies vying for Lee’s heart to a mere eight.

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