Secrets and Steamy Scenes – The Bachelor SA

15 March 2019
Here's what went down in the latest episode of The Bachelor SA.

The claws are bound to come out with a mansion full of ladies competing for one man on The Bachelor SA. But in this week’s episode, the ladies found themselves in an exceptionally awkward situation. Instead of receiving the usual date card from host Jason Greer at the mansion, Bachelor Lee rocked up for a surprise visit. His mission: to get to know his potential brides-to-be a little better with an unusual game. 

The dotsure.co.za name your price auction challenged the ladies to share personal secrets for the ultimate prize – time alone with Lee.  Understandably, they were a little nervous at first, but once they realised that the game was a shortcut to a precious opportunity to impress the man of the moment and  a place in next week's episode, they spilled the beans – even if it meant that their revelations came at the expense of their fellow housemates! After being thrown a series of tough and intimate questions, it was Gina’s three guilty pleasures – wine, chocolate, and series – that sparked Lee’s attention. 

Lee definitely paid attention during his conversations with the brunette beauty, as he invited Gina to an intimate perfume making experience. What followed was an afternoon of romantic fragrances, wine, cheese, and chemistry.  At the end, viewers witnessed the most electrifying kiss of the season so far!

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, America’s journal raised unsettling questions: Does she have a boyfriend? Did he write her a love letter? Is there a photo of the two of them, lying around the mansion? Viewers don’t have the answers yet, but some of the ladies concluded that she’s a cheater who cannot be trusted and doesn’t deserve a rose.

Despite the questions surrounding her intentions, America joined  Natasha, Jenna, Shelly, Nontombi, and Kelly-Tiegan on a group date with Lee.  This time their task was to win the heart of a four-legged friend in an agility challenge. Animal lover America and her furry teammate took top honours, which bagged her an intimate bonfire date with Lee. While the couple was spending time alone, Lee used the opportunity to find out a little more about the diary. Initially, he looked doubtful but then changed his mind, leading to another lip-locking moment.

As per mansion tradition, the ladies awaited America’s return so that she could unpack all the juicy details. She walked in with a smile but didn't say a word about the kiss. When the ladies heard that she thought of Lee as best-friend material, the ladies burst out laughing. Some even thought she was crazy, considering the new information they learned from her journal.

At the cocktail party, things got even more complicated: Kelly decided to update Lee on the journal saga, without mentioning names; Natasha interrupted their conversation because she really wanted to know why Lee is keeping her around; and Kim’s love letter from last week resurfaced. As a response, Lee penned down his thoughts in an unfinished letter too!

With so much happening in the mansion, it was anybody’s guess who would exit after the rose ceremony. In the end, Lee said goodbye to avid traveller Shelly and feisty bohemian Kim, for whom the universe clearly has other plans. 

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