Pucker Up – The Bachelor SA

23 March 2020
Marc is locking lips!
rikki kiss the bachelor sa

It’s getting hot and heavy on The Bachelor SA, because inside and out the mansion, Marc is puckering up with several ladies. What with practicing social distancing and working remotely and being hyper-vigilant about physical touch in general, we really need to live vicariously through these touchy-feely experiences right now.

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The very first lady to lock lips with Marc was the sweet and sassy Qiniso. Marc took her to his hometown and as the waves crashed and the wind blew, and after giving her a rose, he closed in for the kill…we mean, kiss.

After having her one-on-one plucked from under her nose by the Wild Rose-bearing Pasha, Marisia got another shot. Marc took her on a romantic picnic date – via a side-car motorbike ride – and as the stars twinkled overheard a fire of passion burned between Marc and Marisia.

During their breakaway date the conversation got heavy, but not the lips. Silke soon rectified that at the cocktail party, by stealing a kiss with Marc…before choosing to bow out the following week!

Jess R
She may not have nabbed the First Impression Rose, but Jess R definitely left Marc entranced on the red carpet. And he said as much on their one-on-one date in Namibia. Yellow socks aside, it was oh-so-romantic. And how could it not be? It had sunsets, roses, jewelry, bubbly, and kisses too!

1584956891 33 jess r and marc kiss bachelor sa

She may not have gotten a kiss on her first one-on-one, but she did get another one-on-one – which is two more than a lot of other ladies. And this time, she got a kiss…or two…or three. And a foot massage!

1584956977 33 marc and pasha kiss

We certainly felt a connection the moment Rikki walked up to Marc on the red carpet. But these two haven’t really had the chance to see each other since their breakaway date back in episode 2. The latest episode changed that as they kissed passionately at the cocktail party.

Who will Marc kiss next? Carry on watching The Bachelor SA to find out.

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