Marc Buckner: On Trial For Being A Hunk

11 March 2020
Follow the case, will he be found guilty?
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BREAKING NEWS: Our dashing Bachelor Marc Buckner is on trial for being a hunk and a half. We're not surprised at this and honestly, we saw this one coming. But will he be found guilty? We'll let the evidence speak for itself!

We've put together all the evidence that our very smart Bachelor SA detectives dug up.

All rise, order in the court, let's proceed...

Exhibit A

The man in question was seen looking super hot and extremely dashing at the race car track. He was further accused of getting the ladies' hearts racing and their blood pumping faster than most Formula 1 drivers do. It was reported that he races like a pro and sources tell us he was doing 100km per hour in the love zone...how naughty Marc, the case is starting to not look good for you...

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Exhibit B

Marc was caught looking super sexy with his washboard abs and a devilish smile at the Happy Island waterpark. We heard that he gave the ladies extreme heart palpitations and made them weak in the knees. He was further seen making daring dives and riding the waves of love. A few ladies were said to be drowning in his eyes. The pictures speak for themselves, we can't look, it's too hot!

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Exhibit C

Our final piece of evidence, clearly shows Marc giving James Bond a run for his money in these dapper suits. He was accused of making the ladies blush, starting great conversation, and handing out roses in true Cupid style. Sources further said that his hair was on fleek at every cocktail party. Sorry Marc, but the evidence is piling up faster than a traffic jam... you're looking more and more guilty as we speak...

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THE VERDICT: The jury, The bachelor nation, the Bachelor SA ladies even the haters find him GUILTY!  He is indeed a hunk and a half!

He will be sentenced to the mansion to spend time with the gorgeous ladies until he finds the one that steals his heart.


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