Lockdown: Who’s Doing What? – The Bachelor SA

09 April 2020
Our The Bachelor SA family is #StayingHome and thriving.

Our fallen roses, like the rest of the country, are trying to come to terms with the effects of Covid–19 on the world. And like the good citizens they are, our ladies are heeding the call to #StayHome. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to in this time of social distancing.

Silke has been bonding with her foster baby in her sunny garden.


Who else thinks the adorable pup favours Luna Dog?


Nolo, on the other hand, is spending most of her lockdown time social distancing in the kitchen.


Andeline transformed into the king of the jungle and performed an important piece about staying home on her IG; a Lion King-inspired parody cover titled ‘Be Prepared: Covid-19’.


Here’s a closer look at her amazing transformation. 


Daniella’s Suzi Homemaker is activated and thriving! “D” has been whipping up delicious treats in her kitchen. Not surprising at all, since she's the one that brought Marc those delicious homemade biscuits on the red carpet that first night. Here she is being Martha Stewart and teaching us all how to make hummus. 



And here's a bonus: Daniella dancing to our favourite old school tracks. We see you, sis!


Her cats are tired of her, she’s had plenty conversations with herself, but most importantly, Parushka’s managed to write not one, but TWO chapters of her new book!



Pi, like thousands (or is it millions) around the world, celebrated her birthday on lockdown. Luckily, her dog and her loved ones were there to make it super special, considering the circumstances. 



Stefanie has been using her voice to do important work; preaching the #StayAtHome gospel to the Instagram masses.




Tamryn, who serves the country as a soldier, posted this moving tribute dedicated to all the essential workers on the frontlines of the battle against the pandemic. We salute you!



Last but not least, fit girl Tegan, is helping all of us get our bodies and minds in tip-top condition, with her “easy” (are they ever, T?) do-from-home workouts, on her blog. 


Remember to #StayHome and enjoy all-new The Bachelor SA episodes every Thursday at 19:00!

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