Lee’s Angels: Made for Stalking – The Bachelor SA

17 April 2019
Gina, Jozaan, Jacqui and Michelle R are now our fave Instagram queens

When we’re not drinking in the drama of The Bachelor SA with the fervour of a marathon runner at the finish line of a race they didn’t have to run, our favourite thing to do is load up on the drinks and data, wear our popcorn eating pants - and commence with the serious business of stalking Lee Thompson’s favourite girls.

Sure, stalking people is criminal. However, stalking them on the internet, with the best intentions, is totally where its at! So, without wasting any of your time. Here is our Top Four 1). Being Beautiful and 2). Living their very best lives.

(In alphabetical order)


We’ll kick things off with resident corny jokester, Gina, who showed up on our TL looking like nothing to laugh about. In fact, our G landed on our explore page looking like she invented yellow.



And because she’s in the beauty industry, Gina, like any self-respecting fashionista, obviously cleared her schedule for an appearance at SA Fashion Week 2019.



When she’s not hobnobbing with other beautiful, fashionable people, Gina prefers to chill out on boats and on land, with her best gal pals!





Gina’s fave drink to help cap a long successful day of sailing and general beaching about? Whiskey! (which happens to be Lee’s favourite too). TWINSIES!




Gina’s not the only one in our The Bachelor SA family that hit up SAFW 2019. Jacqui put her best fashion foot forward and made an appearance at one of the many runway shows and parties at this year’s celebration of all things couture.



She also made an appearance at the same event Gina was at. Are these two besties or what? If yes, we’re here for it.



Imagine our sheer, unbridled joy when we found out Jacqui is the reigning queen of the duck face? (Sure it looks more like a kissy-face, but who cares?)



Apart from “wandering where the Wi-fi is weak”, Jacqui’s other favourite thing to do is dance when the food she ordered comes. Exactly like us. Soulmates!



And obviously with a body like that, we’d lay out in the sun in tiny bikinis all day too. PS – Yes, the beach misses you too, Jacqui.





With Lee being within her grasps, but not really (because three other girls), Jozaan is spending her IG days making us laugh with her frank hot-takes on love, as well as her witty captions.





Zaan loves to travel the world with her squad! The gang’s most recent holiday location? Beautiful Vietnam.




And of course no matter how far she roams, Jozaan knows there’s no place like home!


Here she is in the Eastern Cape…



…And here she is ‘serving’ in desolate, but stunning Luckhoff



Michelle R


We’ll kick this one off with this stunning pic of Michelle being handed a rose by Rory Booth at a film festival recently. Of course, Leehive wasn’t having it, because WHERE IS LEE?  



Relax fam, Lee is still the Number 1 man in Belle’s heart!


Michelle is not just poised and inspirational on The Bachelor SA. She’s the exact same on the Gram too.



When she’s not being perfect and amazing, Michelle spends time with her girls and rides and rides and rides.





There’s something about pineapples, because if its not Lee, it’s Kelly T and now – Michelle. PS – You’re not wrong, Michelle. You’re totally a Fineapple.



Also, wow Belle!



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