Lee breaks up with Jenna and Nontombi

11 April 2019
Four ladies make it to Hometown Visits
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Lee found it very difficult to choose who stays and who goes in this week's edition of The Bachelor SA, as he had bonded with each of the six ladies left in the mansion. "We've built deep connections. It is a matter of figuring out who will be the best match for me; who do I want to spend my life with," said an emotional Lee. Since it was the last cocktail party at the mansion, the ladies were on edge and determined to solidify their relationships with their potential beau. At the end of the evening, Lee decided to bid online fitness coach Jenna and bubbly quantity surveyor Nontombi goodbye. This means that Gina, Jacqueline, Michelle.R and Jozaan proceed to the hometown-visits phase, in which they will introduce Lee to their families.

The Cocktail Party was tense and none of the ladies felt safe. Jacqueline was convinced she'd be going home. Some of the other  ladies felt threatened by Jozaan, who seemed to have stolen Lee’s heart after their romantic two-day cross-border getaway. And Gina for the first time felt unsure about her relationship with Lee, following an awkward conversation between them. The only one who knew she had it in the bag was front-runner Michelle.R, who received a rose on her second one-on-one date.  Jozaan was obviously not pleased with the news, “I don’t want him to spend more time with anyone else, because I don’t want anyone else’s connection to get stronger than the one I have with Lee."

Michelle.R’s one-on-one date was nothing short of dreamy. She and Lee enjoyed a flight along the horizon with Bill Harrops Original Balloon SafarisThey watched the sunrise from their hot-air balloon and shared their first kiss on cloud nine. “It was passionate and everything I envisioned it to be,” a beaming Michelle revealed. And Lee wasn’t shy to share his feeling either: "She’s so pure and loving,” he said. The pair spent the rest of the day on a picnic blanket, getting to know each other better, surrounded by nature. Michelle walked off feeling pleased with the date, saying that Lee got to see "the original Michelle". Oh, and she got a rose!

For the first time in this season of The Bachelor SA, all the remaining girls were invited on a group date. Lee and his beauties headed to Gold Reef City for an adventure and some light-hearted fun. The date proved to be an emotional rollercoaster as the ladies competed for Lee’s attention. Jozaan again appeared to have the inside track. Gina secured one-on-one time with Lee by winning a  challenge: she knocked over two targets in a row for a teddy! Gina and Lee spent the rest of the afternoon on a stationary train at Gold Reef, just talking and strengthening their connection... and of course sharing some kisses.

The end is near, and the next phase of the journey will bring Lee closer still  to finding his true love.

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