In Her Shoes - A Bachelor SA Game

10 April 2020
Guess who by the shoe.

If diamonds are a girl's best friend... then surely shoes are her one true love?  We've seen the ladies strut and work the red carpet like true Bachelor SA queens.

So in honour of their great style and head-over-heels fashion, we're going to play a little game. Can you guess which lovely lady it is by simply looking at her shoes?

Think you can? Ok, here we go...SHOES wisely!

A. This hot mama has got sleek and sexy moves to get your heart racing. She can dance to the tune and into your heart.

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B. These boots were made for walking...often called the dark horse, this gorgeous dame is of little words but her killer eyes do all the talking.

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C. Beautiful, smart and loveable like the girl next door, this lovely lady is like a beautiful gift all wrapped in a bow and speaks the language of love.

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D. Shimmering and shiny, just like her bubbly personality. This breathtaking beauty is not afraid to tell it like it is and comes with loads of laughs.

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E. Graceful and poised with elegance, this gorgeous gal is all about the happily ever after and believes in fairytales.

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F. Outspoken, driven and daring, this bombshell speaks her mind, but knows where her heart is. She has got that spice too!

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G. Gorgeous, sometimes fragile like glass, this sexy honey has personality for days, accompanied by her infectious laughter.

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H. Like a breath of fresh air, and a touch of the sun, this exotic beauty is calm but very charismatic  and colourful.

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The Answers

A: Pasha. B. Rikki C. Marisia. D. Gillian. E. Jessica R. F. Bridget. G. Qiniso. H. Mulesa

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