How to Win A Guy in 10 Days - The Bachelor SA Way

11 March 2019
Found the guy? Now win him over!
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So you've decided you've found the guy of your dreams after you took our Is He the One? - Bachelor SA test...now what?  Not sure what the next move is, or how to win over his heart? Well, help is on its way. Here are our top tips on how to win a guy in 10 days. Read carefully and you might just bowl over your prince charming.

Day 1 - Hola at him

So you've been staring across the room at each other week after week and try to maintain eye contact without flinching. Well, it's time to introduce yourself. Now you may already speak to and know each other, but that's no problemo. Now is the time to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Tell him a joke, tell him about your favourite movie, make up random convo. Tripping when he is nearby you usually does the trick - just hope he catches you! Either way, get his attention girl!

Day 2 - Investigation time

After proceeding with steps from day 1, it's time to find out what he likes, even if you need to do some digging like gold old Nancy Drew. Does he have a friend or someone that will dish out the dirt? If not then it's time to proceed to online stalking (yes, we're not being subtle.) Check out all his social profile pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and find out what floats his boat.

Day 3 - Get your flirt on

After you have successfully done your social media investigation on your future boo, it's time to get flirting. Smile, wave and do a twirl to get his attention. A really smart outfit won't do any harm, so put on a nice dress and show him what you've got. We repeat: twirling, winking, and saying his name over and over again works wonders.

Day 4 - Ask him out

It's 2019 and ladies are doing the asking now. So don't be shy! Put your best foot forward and start with a coffee or ice-cream date. Put yourself out there, so he knows you're interested. Remember to use the info that you got from day 2 and suggest things he likes or places he usually loves to hang out. He will be smitten that you both share the same interests. Wink, wink.

Day 5 - Makeover galore

Ok girl, so here's where you give yourself a total makeover, well kinda. It's time to bring out the works with a shopping spree and to pick out a nice little number that will blow him away. You can also get a new hairdo and your nails done. If the budget is tight, no worries! Call your gals over and they'll turn you into Cinderella in no time!

Day 6 - Love lockdown

Yes, the date may have gone well (or not so well), but it's time to give him some space. So soon, you say?  The trick is to keep him guessing and wait for him to text or call you back or walk up to you and start a conversation again. The moment you become a mystery, his interest comes into focus again. Trust us, silence is really golden in this one.

Day 7 - Dine him to death

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, let's put it to the test. Now you could invite him over for a homemade meal or just prepare it and serve it to him when you're in his company again. Either way, show him that you are quite the master in the kitchen. If your cooking will show Gordon Ramsey flames of a different kind, no worries! Try googling a few quick recipes, ask a friend to come on over and help you, or simply call mama for 101 cooking tips. You will have him eating his heart out in no time.

Day 8 - Sealed with a kiss

By this stage, he is bound to have made the first move and gone in for a kiss; but whether he has or has not, it's your turn darling. This is your princess and the frog moment and you don't wanna miss it! So pucker up and go in for the kill.

Day 9 - Put in on blast

Ok, so we don't expect you to update your Facebook status to in a relationship already. But put up a post that convinces him you're falling head over heels and you want the world to know. Something along the lines of, "OMG, loving love" accompanied by a million in love emojis. That should do the trick. You get the picture, right? Great, now so will he!

Day 10 - Here comes bae

Introduce him to your family and prepare for the wedding...just kidding! It's time to show him off. Invite him on a group date with a best friend or to a party and make it official that you two are now an item. If he says yes and is by your side the entire night, attending to your every need and giving you puppy dog eyes, then guess what honey? You've won him over and you can now call him your guy!

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