Gina Or Jozaan? Our Predictions – The Bachelor SA

09 May 2019
Who will Lee choose to spend forever with? Gina or Jozaan?

Is Lee the most stressed out man in South Africa right now? You bet! One heart and TWO very gorgeous, very smart, but very different women to choose from. How does one do it? Whew! Lee however, can sleep easy knowing he is not the only one who has been tossing, turning and obsessing over tonight's Women Tell All Finale result. We have too and because we like things, we'll take a stab at trying to predict who he is going to pick tonight between Gina and jozaan. Here goes!


From the moment Gina stepped out of the limo, walked up the red carpet and introduced herself to our Bachelor Lee on Night 1 at the mansion, the chemistry was palpable. The two locked eyes, cracked corny jokes (well, Gina at least) and set up a connection we all kind of suspected would carry them to the season finale. Watching Gina and Lee’s relationship blossom and only get stronger with time, has left many fans of this pairing inspired. “Gina’s a very relaxed person, so she has helped me tap into my more vulnerable and emotional side,” Lee has expressed many-a-time, which is special in itself, considering how closed off he was before meeting her. She, in turn, has not been afraid to be vulnerable with Lee too. She has opened up the tragedies she has experienced, as well as about being cyber-bullied, amongst many other things. GiLee’s dates have been fun and adventurous  – and have ranged from perfume making and private amusement park one-on-ones, to biking and hiking. Fun dates however, don’t mean a lack of depth. There was plenty on display every time these two stole away to spend some much-needed time together. “Being with you feels like home,” were just some of the declarations that left a head-over-heels in love Gina, who seems committed to creating a life with her prince charming. And from the looks of things, Lee feels the exact same way. Wanting love to feel like home, is a decidedly Taurus trait (yes, Gina is a Taurus). It goes without saying that the bull’s stubborn and committed nature, was created for a true love story with a happy ending. From the start, Gina was one of the women Lee seemed to take gravitate to, like a moth to a flame – and it was obvious to the rest of the house. In case there was any doubt, Lee made sure to give Gina plenty of Individual Date time, which left some of the ladies a bit jealous.


We’ve loved watching our favourite Pretoria girl and Lee fall in love! Jozaan has been honest and real about her feelings from the start and we are left in doubt that her openness, quirkiness and and vulnerability convinced Lee to let down his guard and open his heart too. Although Jozaan and Lee’s connection started off a bit slower than, say, Lee and Gina’s, this blonde bombshell made headway quickly, leaving the rest of the house wondering how things had changed so fast, in such a short space of time. From stressing over lack of time with Lee, to becoming the object of most of his affections, Jozaan has evidently earned a special spot in our Bachelor’s heart that no one can take away. The two have been awkward together, they have laughed together and they have had plenty of fun together, important ingredients for any relationship to succeed. “Me and Lee are like a real couple now,” he has expressed on a couple of occasions. Jozaan has no doubt been the envy of the whole mansion, because of her very real rapport with Lee at the Cocktail Parties, as well as her magical dates. Who can ever forget when Lee whisking her away on a fairy-tale trip to Zimbabwe, where the two took a sunset boat cruise on the Zambezi, bungee jumped and generally lived their best lives? Continuing in tradition, Jozaan’s Mauritius dates have also had a certain edge to them; scuba diving, memorable submarine undersea exploration and fireworks after dinner on the beach. Whew! Getting to spend so much one-on-one time with Lee and also experiencing firsts together, has certainly given Jozaan an edge and has helped cement this couple’s insane chemistry and compatibility. Lee seems keen to start a new chapter with the woman he chooses. Will that be Jozaan?

Our Predictions: So, what’s going to happen tonight? Honestly, this one is too tough to call. Lee seems to be caught between a rock and hard place – two gorgeous women who are both exceptional and powerful in their own right. It’s going to be a difficult one for Lee and honestly, we do not envy him. All we’ll do is wish him all the luck in the world and watch to see the result tonight.

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