Five Ways to Have a Steampunk Romance

12 March 2019
Romancing the rails.

While the tension rose to boiling point in the mansion when a diary went missing, Lee was getting steamy on his group date. A steampunk photoshoot had Jenna, Nontombi, Chanieël, Gina, Mbali, America, Jacqueline, and Jozaan dressing up and down in fishnets, corsets, and lace – culminating in a steamy kiss between Lee and Jacqueline and a one-on-one date for Jozaan.

Swept away by all things steamy and punk? Here are five ways you too can have a steampunk romance.

  1. Book Buys

Steampunk has its origins in literature, so if your love interest has a love for literature spoil them with a trove of classics that inspired steampunk like The Time Machine, Frankenstein or 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea. Looking for something more recent? Try something like Northern Lights or Perdido Street Station.

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  1. Movie Night

Not very bookish? You can always watch the movie – and it’s as good an excuse as any to cuddle on the couch. In addition to steampunk spins on stories like those classics above – as well as others like Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Three Musketeers – you can also enjoy original works like April and the Extraordinary World. So make your pick, settle down with hot, buttery popcorn and get steamy.

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  1. Dress Up, Dress Down

Want to do more than just read about or watch these characters? How about becoming them? If your budget stretches that far, hire a couple of steampunk costumes and a photographer and have your own private photoshoot à la Lee and the ladies. But why dress up, when you can dress down? All you need is some fishnet stockings and a jaunty hat (and nothing else really) to steam it up in the bedroom…or whatever your preferred location.

  1. Tea, Anyone?

Not quite at that level? Dial it down before you dial it up and get to know each other over a cup of tea – or coffee – like Lee and Jozaan did on their one-on-one. Truth Coffee in Cape Town is a vibey caffeine hub renowned for its steampunk setting and perfect for getting to know each other. Can’t find the appropriate atmosphere? Why not create it yourself? Your date will appreciate the effort – maybe it’ll even lead to #3.

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  1. Take a Train

Trains are a common theme in steampunk stories and fashion, so why not ramp it up and book a train ride? Assuming you’re rolling in some serious cash flow, book the Blue Train or ride the Rovos Rail. Perhaps it’s an idea to save for the honeymoon…

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