Double Trouble on The Bachelor SA

21 March 2019
Two beauties face off in a dramatic two-on-one date.

Here's a recipe for spicy drama: Put a bevvy of beautiful, strong-minded ladies in a mansion, let them compete for the attention of a dashing hunk looking for true love, and turn on the heat! No wonder M-Net 101 viewers have been hooked on all the intrigue, passion, and suspense of the first season of The Bachelor SA.

This week, the ladies are rattled when Lee requests a two-on-one date. In Bachelor TV land this means trouble in paradise. Usually, there’s a serious heart-to-heart and a deep discussion to sort out issues, after which one of the contenders is sent home, on the spot, inevitably resulting in shock and deep disappointment. What is bothering Lee and who are the two ladies who will be competing head-on to stay in the show? 

Here are more reasons why you simply have to watch the next episode of The Bachelor South Africa (Thursday, 21 March at 19:00 on M-Net 101):

·       They’re getting down and dirty. The theme for this week’s group date is Wild, Wild West and, hee-haw, cowboy Lee is not holding his horses. Horses need stables and stables need cleaning. Not exactly the kind of job most sophisticated girly girls will find particularly appealing. Can this be a deal breaker?

·       Stars in their eyes. The group date leads to one of the most passionate encounters of the season, maybe even a roll in the hay. 

·       Awkward cocktail party. After plenty of tears and unpleasant conversations at the mansion, the girls are at a loss for words at the cocktail party. All except one, that is, who sees an opportunity to impress Lee.   

·       Connecting with Lee. Our Bachelor proves that he’s more than just a handsome face. He is serious about finding the right woman, even if it means he needs to have tough conversations and make even tougher decisions. 

The Bachelor SA is screened on M-Net Channel 101 every Thursday evening at 19:00 and is also available on Catch-Up.

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